The secret science of Shaktipat

(A guide to Shaktipat initiation into kundalini yoga)
Colonel T Sreenivasulu
Copyright © 2020 T Sreenivasulu
All rights reserved.

I am inspired to dedicate this work to all Shaktipat Gurus of the past and the future.



His Holiness Swami Sahajananda Tirtha at the age of 85 in the year 2009; the venerable Guru of the author

Key to the pronunciation of the words in italics
What is Shaktipat?
What is mantra?
Step by step Shaktipat procedure
Different methods of Shaktipat initiation
A few guidelines for Shakthipat Gurus
Common questions on Shaktipat
Information on seekers
Instructions for Shaktipat initiation
Ashrams of Shakthipāth Order
Monks of the Order of Shakthipāth
About the author


I am forever indebted to my venerable Guru, His Holiness Swami Sahajananda Tirtha, who made me a Shaktipat Guru.

I am also deeply indebted to all the venerable Gurus of my lineage of the “Order of Shaktipat” whose collective wisdom has been the guiding light for me while venturing into some of the uncharted waters of this ocean of ancient knowledge.

I compliment all the practitioners who made the compilation of this book possible. If they had not persisted with their numerous doubts on the subject, I would not have possibly explored my mind so deeply for throwing light on some of the lesser-known details regarding the subject.

Key to the pronunciation of the words in italics

a – sounds like “u” in success
ā – sounds like “a” in car
c – sounds like “k.”
d – sounds like “dh” without stress
ê – sounds like “e” in there
h – “h”is silent
î – sounds like “i” in niece
ĵñã – “ĵñ” sounds somewhat like gn and“ã” sounds like “a” in shall
n – sounds closer to “m.”
ñ – sounds somewhat closer to nn
ô – sounds like “o” in go
– sounds like “sh” in shall without stress sha – sounds like “sha” in shall without stress
t – sounds like “th” without stress
tha – sounds like “dha” without stress



The author of this book happens to be one of my disciples. I have given him Shaktipāt initiation into kundalini yoga about 13 years ago. He happens to be one of my direct disciples known to me since he was a kid. I have given him Shaktipāt deekshādhikara or the authorization to give Shaktipāt initiation sometime ago. He has given Shaktipāt initiation to more than 300 people in a very short span of time.

Seeing his rapid spiritual ascension in general, later I have also made him a Shaktipāt Grand (Param) Guru. Some of his students who are now Shaktipāt Gurus themselves; are actively engaged in spreading the message of the Shaktipāt Order! As a result, he has been freed from other responsibilities so that his services can be put to better use. This book is a direct outcome of his selfless service to the ancient Order of Shaktipāt monks.

The author has written his first book “The Power Unknown to God” which was subsequently translated into nearly 20 major languages of the world. The present book in combination with his first book will benefit the practitioners of yoga greatly. He has also compiled the various experiences of his students and their questions which were published under the title “Secrets of Shaktipāt and Kundalini Yoga” in multiple volumes. I wish to see that valuable literature along with this present book subsequently being made accessible to many non-English speaking people worldwide.

As mentioned above I have directed the author to hand over the Shaktipat deekshadhikara or the authorization to give Shaktipat initiation to some of his own disciples. He has given the authorization to 13 of his disciples so far. They all are Shaktipat Gurus now. They all are actively involved in spreading the message of Shaktipat around the world.

I am very happy to see that a large number people are getting attracted to this path of yoga system increasingly. As a result I understand that there may be a requirement to hand over the Shaktipat deekshadhikara to more and more people in future. Hence, a need was felt to publish a book on the science of giving Shaktipat initiation itself. This is a much lesser known subject among the mankind.

Traditionally this science has been passed on orally from Gurus to disciples since ancient times in India! However, the social conditions are ever changing at a rapid rate with the advent of modern technology. Therefore, there is a need to adapt to the ever changing conditions in the modern society. Hence there is no need to criticize the author on perceived violation of the ancient yoga traditions by revealing this science to public in general. I am sure this book will be priceless from this point of view to both Shaktipat Gurus in particular and to seekers of Shaktipat initiation into Kundalini Yoga in general.

May this book remain a beacon of knowledge to all Shaktipat Gurus from all paths! May it contribute to the lessknown subject concerning the practical intricacies of Shaktipat initiation!

There may be a huge volume of literature available on kundalini yoga in recent times. But, that is mostly theoretical in nature. The authentic knowledge which can be applied to the physical practice of the yoga system is limited. Therefore, I am sure that this book will be of immense help to all yoga practitioners. Lastly, I am sure this book will also be of great help for all Shaktipat Gurus while giving initiation to their disciples.

Swami Sahajananda Tirtha



This book is primarily meant for all Shaktipat Gurus who are involved in blessing people with Shaktipat initiation into Kundalini Yoga. However, it may also help the students practicing Kundalini Yoga in general.

A suggested procedure for performing Shaktipat is given in brief. However, this kind of literature is usually not found anywhere in the mainstream media. Traditionally this science has been passed on orally from Gurus to disciples since ancient times in India.

Seeing a large number of disciples seeking the Shaktipat initiation into Kundalini Yoga, my Guru His Holiness Swami Sahajananda Tirtha felt the need to authorize some of the practitioners among my students to give Shaktipat initiation. As a result I have given the authorization or Shaktipat deekshadhikara as it is technically called to 13 of my students. They all are actively involved in giving Shaktipat initiation to people.

A problem was faced by me in educating the new Shaktipat Gurus regarding the procedure to be followed while giving Shaktipat initiation. It has been suggested by some of my own students that a book should be published on the science of giving Shaktipat initiation. This is a lesser known subject. Usually information is not available in the public domain on this subject. Traditionally this knowledge has been passed on from one Guru to the other orally. Hence, publishing a book on this subject amounts to violation of ancient yoga traditions.

At this point I suddenly remembered the directions given to me by my Guru pertaining to this topic. His Holiness Swami Sahajananda Tirtha has directed me long ago that I should publish a book on the science of giving Shaktipat initiation to people. I have never realized the gravity of the prophetic prediction made by His Holiness at that time. His Holiness had clearly visualized the future need for publishing such a book. The very fact that His Holiness had bestowed such an honour on me shows that His Holiness was remotely visualizing my future and the yet to unfold destiny.

I am struck with great humility on receiving such an honour to publish a book on this subject. Usually authors publish many books on the subject of Kundalini Yoga. However, very few of them publish books on the practical tips to students. Such authors are usually spiritual Gurus by themselves. Then only it is possible to publish such practical books based on their experiences. However, publishing a book to guide such spiritual Gurus themselves is usually an unheard of a thing. This is partly because every spiritual Guru has his or her own style of blessing the mankind. Therefore, who am I to guide such spiritual masters! But this book has become necessary for me at least to educate my own students and their future students. Hence, this is the primary reason for publishing this book on such a rare and secretive topic. I humbly request all the spiritual masters to pardon me for venturing into such a secretive topic and revealing it to the public. I am only following the divine will in the form of the command received from my own Guru His Holiness Swami Sahajananda Tirtha. I am hopeful that this book will be informative as well as helpful to many a future Shaktipat Guru in particular. It may also act as some sort of reference guide to Gurus from all other paths in general.


If I have written anything wrong in this book due to my lack of knowledge on the subject then that karma is mine alone. If any benefit is accrued out of this book to anyone; then that credit goes to my venerable Guru His Holiness Swami Sahajanada Tirtha.


What is Shaktipat?

The word Shaktipāt means the descent of the energy. It is not an independent yoga system. It is simply an ancient yoga technique. However, it is the highest yoga technique or the mother of all yoga techniques known to mankind. In this, the supreme cosmic power itself is used as the technique on itself.

The supreme cosmic power does the creation of the cosmos at both individual and collective levels. Therefore, the efficient disintegration or destruction of the worlds can only be done by the cosmic power itself.

Every human being is a miniature model of the cosmos as per ancient Sanskrit texts. Therefore, whether at the level of macrocosm or microcosm, it is the same cosmic power that is involved in its creation, sustenance, and also the final disintegration.

As a result, the only thing that exists in the cosmos is this supreme cosmic power. It pervades the infinite cosmos. Even modern science admits this fact. The human bodies with their flesh, blood, and bones are also made out of this same cosmic power.

However, the underlying substratum of this vast and infinite cosmos is unknown. We can call it the God or the


Almighty or the Brahman or the Ātman or the divinity. It is widely proclaimed in all ancient Sanskrit texts that the same substratum of the cosmos is also pervading everywhere infinitely.

Therefore, whether it is cosmic power or the divine is the same as two sides of the same coin. From this perspective and also as proclaimed in ancient Sanskrit texts, a human being is a miniature model of the cosmos; the same underlying substratum in the form of divinity pervades the human bodies too!

The self-realization for a human being, therefore, becomes the only thing to be known or realized. Self-realization results in the realization of the cosmos too. That means if a drop of water in an ocean realizes its nature, then it also knows the entire vast ocean. Therefore, there is no necessity for a human being to explore the vast and infinite depths of interstellar and intergalactic space.

The technique applied to achieve this realization in a human being is what is called Shaktipāt. The process which is affected by this technique is called yoga in general terms. The process terminates in self-realization or salvation or a merger with the universal spirit called God etc.

Various yoga techniques have been developed since ancient times to achieve this grand aim of joining the individual soul with the universal soul. However, due to the gigantic nature of the task involved, it is impossible for a human being to affect this process on his or her own.

All yoga techniques or tāntric techniques applied are solely geared to achieve a certain benchmark. That benchmark is to instigate the outbound cosmic power from its creative mode to retract itself. As a result, the same cosmic power which had created the human being and his or her individual world starts to disintegrate it by means of destroying the karmas imprinted in their subconscious minds.

This benchmark is what is called the awakening of the cosmic energy. However, there is nothing known as awakening as such in its classical sense of the meaning of the word. The all-powerful, all-knowing, and supreme cosmic power is always awakened as we understand the word. It is just the point at which it starts to retract itself from the creative and sustenance mode to disintegrative or destructive mode is what we term as “awakening” for ease of our understanding of the subject.

The awakened cosmic energy in the terminology of human beings is what is called the awakening of kundalini energy. This cosmic energy, after having created a human being is supposed to be lying in a dormant state at the base of the cerebral-spinal system in a human body. It is also supposed to be continuously projecting or sustaining the illusion of “life” for a human being. This illusion is akin to a mirage in a desert that gives the optical illusion of water.

In every path of the yoga or tāntric system, this benchmark is achieved for the practitioner. As a result, there is nothing left for the yoga practitioner to do anything further. Whatever has to happen will happen without any effort from the yoga practitioner! The awakened cosmic energy does the process of disintegration of the world or destruction of the individual karmas after it starts retracting or collapsing inwardly. Different names in different yoga systems call this energy. However, it is popularly known as kundalini energy.

Shaktipāt is an exclusive yoga technique applied for an awakening of the kundalini energy. A small explanation is required here to understand the reason for this specialized yoga technique.

The spiritual evolution of a spirit or the Ātman of a human being can be broadly categorized into three stages. The first stage is before the awakening of kundalini energy!

In this stage, all effort is put in by the yoga practitioner voluntarily, with egoism coloring all actions. All kinds of worship of God, yoga practices, tāntric practices, etc come under this category. However, the effort put in by the practitioner amounts to be very minute in nature. After the awakening of kundalini energy, the effort is put in by the supreme cosmic power itself internally. As a result, the destruction of karmas accumulated in a human being occurs at a rapid and accelerated rate. This second stage terminates in a state of thoughtlessness or samādhi as it is called in Sanskrit texts.

The third stage starts from here. However, there is no more yoga technique left for this stage. Hence, there is no known initiation into this final path. All ancient texts have remained silent after this. It is said in the texts that the final journey of the soul to achieve its merger with the universal soul or God occurs at the will of God.

Therefore, the technique of Shaktipāt deals with the second stage only.

However, human beings must have practiced different yoga systems in their different past lives. As a human being approaches a certain benchmark in their respective chosen paths for an awakening of the cosmic energy, initiation is given by a Guru by using the technique of Shaktipāt.

After Shaktipāt is done on a human being, it remains active forever until salvation is attained. That means Shaktipāt is carried forward to their afterlives. However, in every lifetime, it is mandatory to take formal Shaktipāt initiation under a Guru in a formal manner.

When Shaktipāt is done on a person in whom the kundalini energy is already active by birth, it gets stabilized at a safe level. In people in whom the kundalini energy has not been activated, it will get activated for the first time, provided they have reached closer to the benchmark level, which I have explained above.

Therefore, Shaktipāt is meant in a way for some people only. It cannot be given to anyone. It may not work even if it is given.

The destiny itself decides who is meant to receive Shaktipāt initiation. That means the karmas accumulated by the practitioners themselves in their past lives or current life will draw them towards the path of Shaktipāt. A Guru may appear out of nowhere all of a sudden and bless them with Shaktipāt đeeksha.

This is crucial to understand. Because of this, the technique is not very popular among mankind. That means people do not usually meet Shaktipāt Gurus in the first place. Probably due to the advancements in modern communication technology, people are hearing about it in recent times. However, the actual process of Shaktipāt initiation takes place or depends upon their past accumulated karmas only.

What is mantra?

A mantra is essentially a sound body or a packet of sound energy in a particular form. Since it is a sound body, it needs to be conveyed either orally or through the medium of a linguistic script. Since it is closely linked to a linguistic alphabet and also the thought patterns which arise in mind, the entire domain of mantra practice by repetition is also confined strictly within the psychedelic realm. That means, whatever practice is to be done by repetition of a mantra is basically a mental exercise. Just like a muscle is built in a human body by repetition of physical exercises carrying weights etc., over a prolonged period, similarly the mind gets impacted as the power of mantra (which happens to be sound energy) gets accumulated slowly and steadily within the psychedelic realm.

A mantra can be visualized akin to a small brick of clay which goes into the construction of a building. All readers are aware as to what kind of gigantic structures are made by laboriously piling up a huge quantity of bricks. These structures are also manifested in a variety of shapes and sizes. A mantra practice (sadhana) is essentially a similar kind of exercise. The only difference is that it happens to be a mental exercise. However, the benefit of building a house will accrue to both the builder as well as others. But the benefit of a mantra practice will be only for the practitioner! Hence, one cannot guess as to the kind of progress one has made. Although one gets a rough idea after some time once the effect of mantra is felt by the mind.

The entire science of mantra (Mantra Shastra) has been developed based on the above principle. Numerous texts have been developed since ancient times. Different mantras impact the mind in various different ways. But the point to note is that they are like any other materialistic sciences. It is just that the science of mantras happens to be a sophisticated one when compared to modern physical sciences. The science of mantras has already been perfected long time ago in ancient times if we go by the ancient Sanskrit texts as a standard. For those readers who entertain any kind of doubt as to the validity of those ancient sciences, I would like to bring their attention towards the modern string theory.

Even the modern proposed string theory points out that all energy or matter is in sound form at the fundamental.

Therefore, ‘science of mantras’ merits attention by everyone. It is a fascinating science definitely by all standards. Hopefully this ancient science will one day once again be a popular subject just like the ancient times. Definitely I would not like to miss the bus!

Basically ‘the science of mantras’ is a sophisticated subject which the modern science is yet to unravel although the indication is already there. Don’t we hear all sorts of music? Every reader must be aware about the power of music on human mind. Therefore, no wonder that ‘the science of mantras’ is such a profound field to explore.

It is (science of mantras) mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts as well as the Christian Bible. The Sanskrit texts go on to describe how the entire universe ha sbeen created out of the primordial sound energy “om”. Similarly we have the same truth proclaimed in Bible which goes on to that “….in the beginning was the word etc.,” Essentially the truth has been accepted by ancient Sanskrit texts, Bible and also the proposed modern string theory about the creation of universe as such from the primordial sound form.


Sound is the basis of all languages. A letter of any alphabet in any language is akin to a small brick with which gigantic literature has been created incorporating all sorts of human thought like music, drama, poetry, story etc.,

It is of my humble opinion that the future science will be based on the ‘science of mantras’ rather than the present day ‘mathematical model’. Don’t we all know how the very concepts of universe have been changing since the time of Aristotle, followed by Copernicus, followed by Newtonian mechanical model and lastly the mathematical of Albert Einstein and Quantum Mechanics?

Our scientific concepts about the origin of universe have
never been constant. There is no guarantee that they will
remain like that in future! At least, history of mankind has
taught us this lesson. Therefore, a new ere in the history of
scientific development may well see it based on psychedelic
(sound) model rather than continuing with the present day
mathematical model. As explained above, the newly proposed
“string theory” is an indication towards that direction.

The main doubt entertained by all sceptics is that “a
mantra” does not work fast enough. They don’t see the
results immediately. Hence, they tend to criticize the entire
theory. Even the serious believers tend to give up after some
time when they don’t see the results.

Just imagine how much time it takes for anyone to
develop muscles in their bodies when they go to a gymnasium
regularly. When they pick up a weight and try to exercise
repeatedly, muscle will definitely build up but takes time. It
takes a very prolonged practice of at least may be six months
or so before anyone can see the results. Now when we talk of
a sophisticated technique like repetition of a ‘mantra’ (sound
body) inside our minds, one can easily understand that it
takes a very long time before the results are felt. Hence,
‘patience’ has been highlighted as the essential virtue required
for undertaking any practice of this sort.

Even to criticize and abandon the theory one needs to
experiment with it first otherwise, the criticism itself will lack

any merit. Above all, the subject of ‘mantra shastra’ itself is so
glorious (it talks of the very origin of universe) that it is
worthy enough to be experimented.

The understanding of ‘mantra shastra’ will elevate the
mind to such a lofty height that knowledge reveals itself to
the practitioners of mantra. Don’t we all know that
‘knowledge itself’ is the greatest benefit of knowledge?
Knowledge is power. The cosmos is this power. Power is the
origin of human existence. Rather it is the very divine thing.

Step by step Shaktipat procedure

This procedure is basically meant for performing Shaktipat
on any person from any distance by making use of the free
will or ‘sankalpa’ and also by giving a mantra. However this
procedure remains common for other techniques as well. The
other techniques used for performing Shaktipat are by
physical touch and looking directly into the eyes of the
seeker. In each technique the free will has to be exercised as
such. Only a few additional requirements might be there
while using other techniques. I will elaborate on the other
techniques later in the next chapter. The only disadvantage in
performing Shaktipat from distance is that it can’t be done on
more than two or three people at a time. This is due to the
mental strain caused on the Guru. I have tried giving
Shaktipat to even three people at a time. But I always
preferred not more than two at a time. If required another
session can be planned successively. But please remember
that each session will take approximately more than one hour.
The Shaktipat Guru also may need a small break of half an
hour for rest.

If anyone asks for Shaktipat deeksha or initiation; first ask

for some basic details either verbally or in writing. I have
given a suggested format for seeking the personal details in
one of the succeeding chapters. These details will help you to
get to know of the person. Typically ask for the full name,
age, place of residence, educational background, profession,
married or not, children age profile, religious background etc.

Thereafter start screening the person either verbally or in
writing. It is better to screen the person in writing if time
permits. For this purpose a few questions can be asked either
verbally or in writing. I have given the format of a suggested
questionnaire in one of the succeeding chapters. The typical
screening should involve health issues, drug abuse, on
medication if any, reasons for seeking Shaktipat initiation into
Kundalini yoga, any past history of being initiated by
Shaktipat into Kundalini yoga or any other history of ever
being initiated into any kind of yoga or tantric system etc.

Most importantly ask for the details of any major health
issues especially those which are terminally ill. Typically
persons suffering from diseases related to heart, cancer, HIV,
asthma, TB etc should not be given Shaktipat in their own
interest. Similarly people suffering from multiple health
problems although not terminally should also be avoided.
People with unstable mind or mentally retarded or other
mental disorders should not be given Shaktipat initiation
under any circumstances.

People who are addicted any kind of serious drugs should
not be given Shaktipat initiation in their own interest.

Please check if the person is on any kind of medication.
Sometimes people get addicted to normal medication also like
cough syrup, sleeping pills, anti depressant drugs etc. All such
cases should not be given Shaktipat initiation.

Ask for the reasons for seeking Shaktipat initiation into
Kundalini Yoga. Only those serious of seeking self-realization
or divine grace should be considered. Usually some people
seek Shaktipat with a materialistic intention. Some seek
supernatural powers. Some seek for business purposes like
energy healing etc. Some seek it as a treatment for their

medical problems which they would have hidden. Some seek
it as a remedy against black magic etc. Some may seek it for
gaining a variety of other materialistic benefits which may be
difficult to list out here. This list is not exhaustive by any
means. A Guru must use his or her own judgement while
screening the person. All such cases should not be given
Shaktipat initiation. It will be a pure waste of time and effort.
They can be politely told that no such benefit will be accrued
to them by Shaktipat initiation.

Ask for any history of past Shaktipat initiation into
Kundalini yoga. Persons who have already taken Shaktipat
initiation within the same lineage should not be given
Shaktipat again as this would amount to some sort of clash or
dishonouring the own lineage of past Gurus.

Ask for any past history of having been initiated into any
kind of yoga or tantric system. People who are prone to
switching the Gurus or yoga systems too often should be
avoided unless there are genuine reasons.

After screening the person if he or she is found to be
suitable for giving Shaktipat initiation; then share a book or
pdf of the book which can give some basic idea about the
Shaktipat system. It is suggested that “The Power Unknown
to God” written by the author be shared with the person in
whichever language he or she desires provided the book is
available in that particular language. At present the book is
available in most of the major world languages. Audio book
can also be shared if the person desires due to any reasons.
Some people who lack adequate education may not be able to
read. Audio books are best suited for such persons. At
present audio versions of “The Power Unknown to God” are
available in some of the major world languages.

The book itself is likely to do the second layer of
screening. Many persons may drop out after reading the
book. This happens typically very often.

If the person persists with the desire to seek Shaktipat
even after reading the book then do the final screening by
way of interacting with the person either on phone or

through any other means of communication. Please have
patience and carry out detailed interaction with the person.
Ask for his or her inner desires and aspirations. Just interact
for the sake of getting to know the person as much as
possible. Sometimes something might pop up out of the
interaction. Persons who refuse to recognise the institution of
a Guru or those who are too proud of their bookish
knowledge etc should be avoided. In such cases please tell
them politely that you can’t give them Shaktipat.

After screening of the person is complete fix up suitable
time and date for the Shaktipat initiation ceremony or please
tell him that you will plan for their initiation in the next few

Shaktipat should be received by the person preferably
during the morning hours on empty stomach. Any time after
four in the morning till nine or ten in the morning is usually
suitable for receiving Shaktipat initiation. However, the earlier
it is the better it will be. Similarly Shaktipat can also be
received by the person in the evening hours any time after
five to eight or nine in the night. These timings are very
general and meant only as general guidelines. Otherwise
Shaktipat can be received by a person at any time of the day
or night if the situation arises due to necessity. However,
there is no restriction on the time in general for the Guru
who is performing Shaktipat.

Suitable date should be worked out for the Shaktipat
initiation ceremony. It is suggested that Indian lunar calendar
system be followed for this purpose. Certain digits of the
moon are considered auspicious and Shaktipat initiation
should be given on such dates. However, the most important
issue to be kept in mind is for the menstruating ladies.
Shaktipat initiation should not be given for the ladies during
such time when they are undergoing periods. Same rule is
applicable for the lady Shaktipat Gurus also. It is better to
keep adequate margins since some ladies are not sure of their
menstruation cycles.

Once the time and date is finalised for Shaktipat initiation

send the detailed instructions to be followed by the seekers. I
have given a suggested checklist for the seekers in the
succeeding paragraphs below. However it is not exhaustive by
any means.

Send the pictures of all Gurus of the Shaktipat Order
(respective lineage) so that seekers get familiar with the names
and faces of the past Gurus as well as the Guru who will be
giving Shaktipat initiation. Each picture of the past Shaktipat
Gurus should be sent separately along with the name.

Please prepare four or five 2-minute short videos containing
your pictures and any of the seed mantras Om, Ram, Lam,
Yam etc. I will let you know the reason for preparing the
videos later. These videos prepared with various images of
the Shaktipat Guru giving initiation should be sent to the
seekers so that the image of the Guru is well embedded on
the mind of the seeker. Prepare the videos with different seed
mantras added as audio. Tell the seekers to mute the videos
and watch them as much as possible. For this purpose each
video should contain a different set of images of the Guru.
The idea is to make the seeker thoroughly familiar with the
face of the Guru.

Then have a lengthy conversation with the seekers a few
days prior to the initiation. Please tell them to start preparing
for Shakthipat initiation mentally. Personal details of the
seekers can be shared with your respective Gurus during this
process so that blessings can be received by him as well. All
instructions sent to the seekers should be explained verbally
although at the cost of repetition. The importance of
exercising self surrender to the divine or Guru should be
highlighted. Similarly please tell them not to wait for the
kriyas to manifest on the day of Shaktipat initiation. Tell them
to leave it to the divine. They should keep their minds calm as
much as possible during the process of Shaktipat initiation.

On the day of Shaktipat initiation please ask the seeker to
call you at the scheduled time. But please warn them not to
sit on the meditation seat prior to contacting you. Otherwise
usually some people sit on the meditation well before the

scheduled time in their over exuberance to receive Shaktipat
initiation. As a result their legs start paining at the time of
actual initiation. This is not desirable because their minds will
not be calm due to pain in the legs. In case you are getting
late in getting ready for the Shaktipat initiation ceremony then
please inform them also well in time. Give them as much
notice as possible. Tell them that you will contact them
yourself after you are also ready. Same thing is applicable to
the seekers also. In case they happen to get delayed due to
any unforeseen circumstances please educate them to inform

Once both of you are ready; tell them that you will be
praying for them first. Tell them that it will take about 15 or
20 minutes. Tell them that you will call them back and give
them a mantra.

Tell them to keep sitting on the meditation seat while you
are praying for them. They should sit with a calm mind and
recollect the images of all Gurus including your picture. They
should offer their respects to each of the Gurus mentally.
They should seek their blessings that the mantra you are
about to give them should be fruitful at the earliest. This is
called the seeker’s or sadhak’s prayer.)

After they finish praying and seeking blessings from each
Guru for the success of the mantra; they should sit with their
minds focussed on your picture alone and keep attending
their phone. After briefing them regarding what to do;
convey the blessings to them on behalf of all past Gurus of
the Shaktipat Order and your own blessings.

Thereafter, you also sit for meditation. First sit with a calm
mind. Let the thoughts run freely in your mind for 2 or 3
minutes. Take a few deep breaths.

Then start repeating your own mantra for a few times.
Start visualizing all Gurus of the Shakthipat Order in a
sequence whenever you repeat your mantra. Offer your
respects to each one of them individually by repeating either
the Sanskrit verse “Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha” or saying
“Salutations to the venerable Guru” once or twice or thrice

or any number of times till you feel satisfied.

Mentally pray to them that the mantra (say the mantra)
which you are about to give to that person should be fruitful.
Mentally say the name of the person along with city of
residence and country. Repeat the prayer three times at least
or any numbers of times till you feel satisfied.

Thereafter make the second prayer. Pray that after you
give Shakthipat initiation to that person, whenever that
person repeats the mantra (say the mantra); kriyas or
reactions should start manifesting in his or her body
immediately and aggressively but at a safe level. Repeat this
prayer also three times or any numbers of times till you feel

Thereafter make the same two above mentioned prayers
to the formless supreme cosmic power. You can simply
visualize the image of outer space with galaxies in it or simply
keep the mind blank. However, please follow the exact
procedure and sequence mentioned above.

Thereafter make the first prayer again for the success of
mantra to the Goddess of the mantra. In case of seed mantra,
you can simply visualize the mantra script; e.g. for “ram” seed
mantra you can visualize the letters “ram” or if possible, the
Sanskrit symbol. This is also repeated three times just as
mentioned above or any numbers of times till you feel

Then call the person and give him or her mantra. Ask the
person to repeat it aloud so as to ensure that he or she has
understood it properly. Basically you are trying to mentally
prepare yourself by doing all this in such elaborate manner so
as to avoid any kind of omissions. Otherwise a simple prayer
to Gurus once will also do. However, it suggested that you
overdo it since it’s a life changing ceremony for the person
receiving Shakthipat. You do it sincerely from the depth of
your heart. Just do your duty correctly and overdo it to make

After you give mantra tell the seeker to take a 10 minutes
break. Tell the person to get up from their meditation seat,

stretch their legs and visit washroom if required. Then ask the
person to watch the video which has the same mantra that
has now been revealed. Tell them to forget about the other
mantras and videos henceforth. Tell the person to keep their
phone in silent mode and inform you finally after sitting for
their second session of meditation or the initiation ceremony.

You can also take a few minutes break in the meantime.
Once the person contacts you after sitting for the second
session; ask him or her to repeat the prayers just like they did
for their mantra initiation. Only difference is they will now
seek the blessings from all Gurus “for success of Shakthipat
initiation ceremony and also for immediate manifestation of
kriyas.” This entire procedure will take them about 7 or 8
minutes. Tell them not to rush through and that you will be
performing Shakthipat only after 10 minutes from the time
you both finish your discussion on phone. Further tell them
that adequate cushion time has been catered for in view of
any unforeseen circumstances.

After finishing prayers to all Gurus they should only focus
on your picture and start repeating the mantra simultaneously
for at least 30 minutes. Tell them to remain seated with calm
mind. If random thoughts arise; they should allow them but
repeatedly try to focus their mind back on your picture and
the mantra.

Please tell them specifically not to be curious about the
kriyas or reactions in the body or mind. They should exercise
full self-surrender to the divinity and remain seated with calm
mind. Please tell them that the cosmic energy will be radiating
from your body and entering their body. After awakening the
kundalini energy and it will return back to you. But it is so
subtle that they will not experience its arrival and departure.
Remind them that they don’t even the get to experience the
x-rays in a medical laboratory. Therefore they shouldn’t be
curious about it. Otherwise their mind will be engaged with
the thoughts and deemed to be not calm. Tell them to just
forget about all worldly things.

At this stage you need to psyche them up mentally. Try

and stun them or silence their mind temporarily. Put the fear
of God in them. Tell them that it is not their first birth. Tell
them that they have taken innumerable births in the past.
Remind them that he or she came alone when they were
born. Remind them that they will leave alone when they dies.
Hence, they will have to leave everything behind including
their family, friends and all materialistic possessions. Remind
them that nothing will accompany them other than the
Shakthipat. This will force them to look inward temporarily
till Shaktipat initiation is over. It’s for their own benefit that
you are creating this psychological impact on their mind.
Somehowm try and ensure total self surrender from their
side. It’s your duty as a Shaktipat Guru to ensure the right
conditions in their mind just minutes before they receive
Shakthipat initiation. It’s like the climax of their psychological

After this ask the person to put their phone on silent
mode or switch it off. Once the phone is put down no
contact is possible from either party. From that point
onwards it is deemed that Shakthipat will be done after
approximately 10 minutes from the time the phone is put
down. Please tell them to make sure that they are not
disturbed in any way. Tell them that Shakthipat can’t be
repeated again. Lastly don’t forget to convey the blessings of
all past Gurus of the Shaktipat Order including your own
blessings for the successful reception of Shaktipat by the

After stunning them temporarily and blessing; tell them to

Please give a time lag of 5 minutes before you sit for
meditation. After this you put your phone on silent mode and
start the procedure same way as you did for mantra initiation.
The only difference is pray that you have decided to give
Shakthipat initiation to that person now. Pray that Shakthipat
should be successfully executed on them. Pray to the Gurus
to shower their blessings on that person. Mentally repeat the
name and place. Repeat the prayers minimum three times or

any numbers of times till you feel satisfied.

Make the second prayer that whenever he or she repeats
the mantra given to them, Shakthipat kriyas should manifest
aggressively for them but at a safe level. Repeat this also three
times or any numbers of times till you feel satisfied. Each
time you pray, end it with the mantra given to you.

After this repeat the same set of above two prayers to the
all-knowing supreme cosmic energy.

In the similar manner mentioned above you can also
exercise free will from your side as an additional wish. This
can also be repeated minimum three times or any numbers of
times till you feel satisfied.

For example you can mentally exercise free will saying; I
hereby wish from the bottom of my heart that Shaktipat
should happen successfully for so and so person living in so
and so place. End this wish with the mantra given to you by
your own Guru. Repeat this also three times or any numbers
of times till you feel satisfied.

After this make the second wish saying; whenever so and
so person repeats mantra I have given him or her a few
minutes ago Shaktipat kriyas should start manifesting in their
bodies aggressively but at safe levels. Repeat this also
minimum three times or any numbers of times till you feel

After this you can once again repeat the entire sequence
of prayers starting from Gurus, followed by the supreme
cosmic power and lastly yourself. There is no specific limit to
this kind of praying. Since you told the person to sit in
meditation for minimum 30 minutes you can constantly keep
performing Shaktipat on the person for the duration of entire
30 minutes.

The idea is since you are not aware of the mental
condition of the person you are trying your best to ensure
that Shaktipat happens to the person. Hopefully at some
point of time during the period of mandatory 30 minutes the
person receiving Shaktipat also exercises total self surrender
to the divine with a calm mind. This means hopefully at some

point of time at least both of you are simultaneously in the
act of the energy transfer. This is for the benefit of the person
receiving Shaktipat that you are trying to over ensure it.

Please remember that Shaktipat session can’t be repeated
later. Shaktipat should only be done on a person only once by
you. It should never be attempted again on the same person
by you.

After you finish performing Shaktipat on the person you
can continue to sit in meditation for some more time just in
case that person also continues to sit for more time. Although
you may not be aware of the person at this time still there is
no harm if you sit for a little longer time. You can keep
visualizing the picture of the person for the next 15 or 20
minutes or so. Focus your mind on the person mentally
desiring that Shakthipat should be successfully executed for
them and kriyas should start immediately. This is the reason
why you have told the person to do it for minimum 30
minutes or more if possible. You don’t know whether that
person is receptive or not at the time when you exercise your
free will for Shakthipat to occur. You are basically trying to
over ensure that it is done. Remember that it can never be
repeated by you again to that person.

Please go through the entire sequence and clarify your
mind thoroughly.

Different methods of Shaktipat initiation

Shaktipat is performed by using any of the techniques
namely; free will, mantra, touch and eye sight.

However, this actually amounts to two methods only
broadly speaking. Shaktipat is performed either from distance
or in the physical presence of the Guru.

In case of the former many administrative problems can
be avoided. In some cases I have given Shaktipat initiation to
persons living in ships in middle of oceans also. This has
made it easier for the seekers also. Sometimes it may not be
suitable to organize the ceremony at the residence of Guru
for various reasons. In such cases also it is convenient to
perform Shaktipat from distance. Therefore it can be decided
and resorted to depending upon the convenience of both the
seeker and Guru. In this case a mantra is also linked with the
Shaktipat and given to the seeker either on phone or through
a simple message. It is even possible to perform Shaktipat on
the seekers without the requirement of even talking to them
on phone.

In case of physical presence there is a tradition that the
seeker needs to stay with the Guru for three consecutive days.


This may cause some inconvenience. If required the seeker
can go back after the session on the first day and return back
on the subsequent two days in the morning time. That means
there is no need to stay with the Guru during the period of
three days completely. In this case the seeker is physically
present in front of the Guru. Therefore, all the four
techniques mentioned above can be used. Since the seeker is
present right in front of the Guru, Shaktipat can be done by
looking into the eyes and also physically placing the hand on
head. Exercising the free will is mandatory in any case. Lastly
there is no harm in giving a mantra also linked with Shaktipat.
The advantage of this method is that Shaktipat can be
performed simultaneously on a group of people. However,
care should be taken while giving the mantra to the person so
that others do not hear it. For this purpose each seeker can
be called in turn separately to a place away from the others
and the mantra can be given. The only additional thing to be
done in this method is to use red coloured flowers or flower
petals. Flowers are placed on the head first and hand over
them while exercising the free will or sankalpa.

While sitting for Shaktipat initiation ceremony the seeker
sits facing the Eastern direction as usual. The Guru can sit at
a right angle to the seeker or facing the seeker. In this method
the mantra can be given either in the beginning or later. The
seeker should close eyes while sitting in meditation at the
time of Shaktipat. Rest of the procedure is same with a little

To summarize first make the seeker sit on the meditation
seat. Let the seeker visualize and pray all the Gurus. Let the
seeker seek blessings from all the Gurus. The seeker can seek
blessings for both the mantra and Shaktipat combined in one
attempt unlike the above method. The Guru also can sit in
meditation and make his prayers. After about 10 or 15
minutes the Guru can get up from the meditation seat and
stand in front of the seeker. Pick up red flowers or petals in
either the palms or only right palm. Flowers should be kept in
front of the seeker for this purpose beforehand in a plate or

basket. After placing the flowers on the head the Guru can
place the right palm on top of the head crown and exercise
free will or sankalpa that Shaktipat should happen to the
seeker. One should not hurry it up. The Guru should take his
or her sweet time and do it with a calm mind. Let it take any
amount of time. The Guru should be satisfied mentally. That
is the only criteria. Thereafter he or she can move on to the
next seeker if there is any.

A few guidelines for Shakthipat Gurus

I have not written anything about which mantra to be
given to the seekers deliberately since it is supposed to me
kept as a secret between the Guru and the seeker.

Giving Shakthipat initiation indiscriminately leads to
unhappiness and dissatisfaction for you later. It’s better to be
little moderate. Nowadays you come across a wide range of
diseases. You need to be little careful while exercising your
judgment. Otherwise seekers may end up with unusual
medical problems after Shaktipat initiation and it may be
difficult to help them out.

Similarly please be careful about the psychological issues.
Mentally retarded, unstable persons etc should not be given

People who appear to be too materialistic in attitude and
people trying to do business in the name of God etc also
should be screened out.

Do not give Shakthipat initiation to people who have not
crossed the minority age limit legally. If something goes

wrong then the parents may start fighting with the Guru.
Otherwise technically there’s no minimum age limit for
Shaktipat. However, if any of the parents has already taken
Shaktipat initiation from you then you may consider their
case as an exception.

Similarly please avoid people who are too old. Again
there’s no upper age limit as such for Shaktipat. That is
technically there is no upper age limit. But usually I avoid
going beyond 75 years. But please consider old people only if
they are healthy.

Next it is regarding homosexuals and lesbians and also
those who are gender challenged. I have not denied
Shakthipat to any such kind of people because it is no where
written in ancient yoga texts that Shaktipat can’t be given. I
have discussed the subject pertaining to transgender with my
Guru His Holiness Swami Sahajananda Tirtha also. His
Holiness is also in agreement with me that there’s no
restriction in giving Shakthipat to them. However I have not
discussed about the homosexuals and lesbians with His
Holiness. But from my side I have already given to some. I
don’t ask any questions pertaining to this subject because it is
not an issue for me but people volunteer the information.

Next right from the beginning please make it clear that the
final decision whether to give Shaktipat or not always rests
upon you. Since it is a spiritual science people usually
understand this. Those people who don’t respect the decision
of their future Guru are in any case unfit for Shakthipat. I
mean those who demand explanation when you refuse
Shakthipat initiation are in any case unfit for Shakthipat.
Usually in India Gurus take their own sweet time before
accepting anyone. They hope that more the time they take the
better chance of screening the person thoroughly. So that
something or the other which they might have missed out
might get highlighted later on.

In my case my Guru has made it easier for me. I mean this
screening process. His Holiness has prescribed reading my
book “The Power Unknown to God” as a precondition for

anyone to be considered for Shakthipat. His Holiness felt that
the book itself will do the screening to a large extent. Many
people backed out from taking Shakthipat initiation after
reading my book. However, this screening is done after the
initial screening. Basically you do screening or filter people in
a few layers.

But please keep it in mind that you should not refuse
Shaktipat at your whims and fancies to a deserving person
because God is watching you as well. You should have a
strong reason for refusing Shaktipat initiation to a person.
This is thumb rule for all Shaktipat Gurus.

indiscriminately as well. Therefore you got to operate
somewhere in between these two extremes exercising caution.
However, there’s nothing to fear. There is nothing known as
perfect screening either. Please remember that as a Shaktipat
Guru it is your own sadhan as such. Therefore your duty is to
exercise caution and not to be indiscriminate. As long as you
follow this thumb rule you are protected from the people
who try to lie and cheat. I have noticed this phenomenon
sometimes. As a Shakthipat Guru please think that you are
only a medium for the divine grace to shower on a person.

Avoid giving Shaktipat to people who proudly think that
they are intellectuals or who think that they know everything
etc. However, never pick up any quarrel with anyone. Never
sound negatively to anyone.

Please understand that every human mind which
approaches you for spiritual help is basically sick in their
minds. Therefore please treat them with compassion even if
they happen to be the worst sinners.

Yoga doesn’t make any distinction between Saints and

Probably in my case things happened at a rapid pace. That
must be the reason why my Guru has made the screening
process easier for me. Many people including some of my
Guru bhai or brothers think that I am indiscriminate in my
approach. But the truth is my destiny always unfolded at a

rapid rate for me. That’s all about it. Otherwise I have refused
Shakthipat initiation to many people in my life. Therefore
please do not try to emulate my style of functioning.

Next please don’t give Shakthipat initiation to any drug
addicts or even those addicted to normal medicines.
Nowadays so many people are addicted to various drugs due
to lifestyle problems. Although everyone is entitled to God’s
grace; unfortunately Shakthipat initiation can’t be done on
them due to the risk involved. Hence they should be politely
refused. It doesn’t matter even if people are unhappy or
emotional about it. But please be firm in your approach. As a
Shakthipat Guru you must rise above such emotional issues.

Whenever anyone of you are in doubt regarding the
medical fitness of a person please keep the decision pending
for a few days. Just sleep over the issue for a few days. Please
don’t give any confirmation to the person. You can always
give the person some excuse. When you allow sometime to
lapse then the supreme cosmic power only will inspire you to
take a decision without any kind of mental bias. That’s the
trick. It’s not about whether a person can be given Shakthipat
initiation or not. It’s about your own sadhan as well. That
means the all knowing cosmic energy will sort out the
Shakthipat Gurus as well. I hope you all understand what I
am trying to say. Just don’t be in hurry to give Shakthipat
initiation. Please take your own sweet time to decide. It may
appear unjustified to make the other person wait for your
decision. But then please understand that spirituality has
nothing to do with anything which is rational or logical or
ethical or anything else for that matter. It is all about cutting
down the egoism of a yoga practitioner. That’s the crux of the

Common questions on Shaktipat

A Shaktipat Guru: It seems I am being contacted by a lot
of people who are unwell. They are either with depression or
anxiety or other physical conditions. It seems very few are
eligible for Shaktipat initiation. Is that what happened in your

My response: Please understand that this is not meant for
treatment of the people in this materialistic world. Shakthipat
is not a materialistic science like psycho therapy or energy
healing etc. It’s a different game altogether. It’s a game with
God. Hence, at the time of Shakthipat we tell the people that
it’s their date with the God or destiny or with themselves.
Therefore please don’t bother about all such cases. As a
Shakthipat Guru, you too are being tested out by the all
conscious cosmic power. You need to resolve your internal
contradictions too. Hence it is sadhan for you also. I am
happy to see you getting exposure to the world at large. You
now know that everyone has a story leading a miserable life
perhaps. Not many are happy. Only a few lucky ones may be
enjoying a happy life due to their past good karmas. But soon
that will get exhausted and then the story repeats.

A practitioner: I was so excited for my shakthipāth
initiation that I had not slept the whole night before. I just
couldn’t sleep. So the next day morning at the time of my
initiation at 7 AM my alertness level was very bad. The same
thing happened for the next two successive days. I feel due to
my shortcomings and over-excitement, I might not have been
a good recipient as I was not tuned into alertness and
sharpness. My sincerest apologies! Is it possible to give me
shakthipāth initiation once again please?

My response: Please don’t worry about it at all. There’s
nothing known as shakthipāth đeeksha not being successful.
However, the mental condition of the recipient at the time of
shakthipāth initiation matters to some extent. But this is a
minor issue. It is your past accumulated karmas that matter
most. Understandably, all practitioners may not be able to
exercise a perfect state of calm mind at the time of taking
initiation. But no need to worry about it at all! It might cause
a little bit of delay and nothing more than that. It is just like
the delay which occurs when trying to light up a wet stack of
grass. Other than this, it is all your internal doubts only.
Shakthipāth đeeksha is given by a Guru only once. Actually it is
me who has to confirm whether đeeksha has been given or
not, which I have already confirmed to you. Please be patient
and have full trust and faith. Please continue with your
practice the same way as told to you. Please sit along with me
when I am in meditation whenever possible for you.

Regarding the re-doing of shakthipāth simply, it is neither
necessary nor it is done the second time. It is not like any
physical action. Moreover, the cosmic energy is all-knowing.
Just don’t worry about it at all.

A practitioner: Thank you so much, dear Guru Ji – I was
worried that I might have messed up my initiation with over
excitement and not being in a stable and calm condition. One
more thing Guru Ji! You said the three day period is
mandatory. But because of my exhaustion due to no sleep, I
almost fell asleep the next two days during meditation. What
happens in that case? I am continuing the practice now. Now

I am in a more stable state. But because I messed up during
the three days, I am a bit worried.

My response: Second and third days are meant for
observing the practitioners only. Otherwise, shakthipāth
initiation is over on the first day itself. Regarding falling
asleep during meditation, it is an age-old problem for all
practitioners of yoga. It is the most common among all the
practitioners. Just don’t worry about it at all. Have faith and
trust. Lastly, exercise full self-surrender to the divinity or
Guru. It’s just your internal doubt and fear. There’s nothing
known as perfect initiation either. A little bit of messing up
happens with almost every practitioner. Please don’t worry.

A practitioner: Dear Guru Ji! I need your blessings to
spread the word out about shakthipāth đeeksha/ initiation with
likeminded people. Please guide me in understanding health
restrictions due to which an individual becomes ineligible for
đeeksha and other important information on eligibility criteria.

My answer: Sure. You can spread the word around
regarding shakthipāth đeeksha. Some of our practitioners have
been doing this. Basically you must screen them for a few
things. There should not be major health issues like heart-
related health problems, cancer, HIV or any other major
health problem. Minor health issues are no problem! Next,
they should not have taken shakthipāth đeeksha earlier from any
of the Gurus in our parampara or Order. But this is applicable
only within our parampara! If they have taken shakthipāth
đeeksha from someone else from other parampara or Order,
then there’s no problem. Another requirement is that they
should not be seeking shakthipāth đeeksha for any materialistic
benefits. This is very important. Otherwise, it will be a waste.
Initially, please share my book with them. The best way to
promote the shakthipāth initiation program is by joining some
social media groups like Facebook related to yoga, kundalini
yoga and other spiritual groups. You can post a message in
those groups that if anyone is seeking shakthipāth initiation
free of cost, then they can contact you.

A practitioner: Guru Ji! Are all the Gurus in your

shakthipāth lineage self-realized?

My answer: I can only say about myself. I am just like
you. Struggling for my self-realization! Nowhere near
anything! Let alone self-realization! Therefore, I have no idea
about the spiritual level of the Gurus of my lineage.

A practitioner: I have a question. How does shakthipāth
help in case of a curse on anyone? This is the third time
when someone who has some powers like seeing my aura and
previously two astrologers had also said this that there is a
curse on my paternal family. And I remember that my
grandmom always used to say this but at that time I was a kid
and didn’t even believe in all this or maybe didn’t pay any
attention either. So according to this, no girl in my family is
happy or has a marital bliss. This is also true except for two
girls. Basically I’m asking this as this thought came across my

As you know, this is the second time I have received
shakthipāth đeeksha and all I have to do is meditation. But I just
can’t do that. I either get involved in some work such that
even in spite of trying my level best, somehow, I just don’t
get to sit and meditate. So is this negativity trying to pull me
back from my destination? I decided that I will start from
navrātri festive time anyhow and I tried to by getting up early
also and by hardly sleeping for four to five hours. But still
that day something happened and couldn’t sit for meditation.
I sat a bit later but then I just couldn’t concentrate. So as we
are not supposed to force ourselves, I got up then.

My answer: After shakthipāth đeeksha, everything gets
burned down. Whether it is a curse or anything else is all
materialistic in nature. Therefore, everything is doomed to get
neutralized. As I have mentioned several times earlier,
shakthipāth đeeksha is the highest form of yoga technique
available since ancient times. However, kindly understand
that it can’t be treated as a cure for any sort of thing. Whether
it is illness or poverty or curse or black magic or any other
kind of misfortune from a worldly point of view, happens
due to the past accumulated karmas only. But if someone

wants to seek the cure or remedy for such things, then
shakthipāth can’t be used for that. However, as a byproduct or
result of the serious practice or sādhan, all those things get
nullified and the person is freed from those karmas. That’s
for sure.

A practitioner: Whenever you are giving shakthipāth
initiation to anyone, will it be beneficial for us if we also sit
for meditation along with you?

My answer: It will be beneficial if practitioners sit for
meditation along with their Guru when he is giving
shakthipāth đeeksha to someone else. The vibrations will be
more powerful at that time. It will also be very good if those
who wish to sit along with their Guru share their names in
advance so that it would help the Guru to direct his thoughts
towards them. In that way, the vibrations tend to become all
the more powerful and helpful. It is also advised that the
practitioners focus their minds on the image of Guru.

A practitioner: Suppose some kind of black magic was
done on a person and that same person was given shakthipāth
initiation. Will the shakthipāth initiation neutralize the black
magic done on that person?

My answer: First of all, the claim regarding black magic
having been done by someone is a debatable issue. In case it
has been done, then it will ultimately get sorted out after
shakthipāth initiation. However, as you questioned, it will get
sorted out only as kriyas start manifesting. It will indeed take
some time for all such kinds of aberrations to get sorted out.
However, if a practitioner doesn’t practice, then the cosmic
energy remains dormant and these kinds of benefits will not
be accrued to the practitioner. The bottom line is shakthipāth
initiation can’t be used to free oneself from the effects of
black magic. It will happen as a byproduct if a practitioner is
sincerely practicing. I hope you have understood the concept

A practitioner: Is Swami Gangadhar Tirtha the first Guru
of the shakthipāth lineage/Order, and how did it all start?

My answer: Yes. In modern times he is the first Guru in

the lineage. That’s it! He started it. Very little information is
available on him.

A practitioner: Still wondering! What are the roots/
origin of shakthipāth? How did it come to be the way it is
now? Is it secret, not a secret and why?

My answer: There are three stages in the spiritual
evolution of a person broadly speaking. In the first stage, the
technique applied is called “atomic initiation.” All kinds of
worship of God done by a human being including the
practice of various yoga or tantra techniques before the
awakening of kundalini energy, comes under this category.
That means it amounts to nothing in reality because it is done
by a person tinged with egoism, although some kind of
initiation must have been given by a Guru. This effort is so
minute. That is why it is called “atomic initiation.” I am
omitting the Sanskrit word añavee đeeksha. After a person does
this kind of practice over several prolonged lifetimes, he or
she reaches the second stage. The person becomes eligible for
receiving shakthipāth initiation. At this stage, kundalini energy
is directly awakened by a Guru by performing shakthipāth.
Because of this, you find very few people who have taken
shakthipāth initiation in general.

Otherwise the majority of mankind seeking their spiritual
growth falls under the first category. Therefore, shakthipāth
Order has remained secretive in nature. No one knows when
it has started or why it has been like that. Perhaps the
evolution of human race and their spiritual growth must have
been ordained by nature in the natural course of time. Just
imagine! Mankind was in existence for quite some time. At
least it was already highly evolved much before the advent of
modern religions like Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Islam,
Sikhism and other religions. What about the period before
this? For example, we know that Egyptians have built

Similarly we hear about the Mayan civilization etc., Today
we might speculate about the various theories, but the fact is
human evolution was very much in a highly developed state.

As far as yoga systems like Ashtanga yoga or Raja yoga and
shakthipāth are concerned, they were also in existence. But we
have no idea when did they start. In India, we only have some
references in ancient Sanskrit texts like Ramayan, that Prince
Rama was given shakthipāth initiation by his Guru sage
Vashista. It is not the business of a yoga practitioner to
bother about such academic stuff. A yoga practitioner goes
for direct experience. Just like a patient consumes the
medicine and not bother about the pharmacy part of it or the
biochemistry part as to how it works inside a human body.
You can also Google around for the information. But all of it
may not be authentic as you are aware.

A practitioner: So we do our practice and pay homage to
you, and the outcome will be what it is! No expectations?

My answer: You can’t have expectations simply because
you have no idea about the high volumes of karmas
accumulated by you in your past lives. That’s the problem.
However, you will get adequate insight into your practice
based on the kind of transformation occurring in your mind.
But nothing can be said about the salvation part of it since it
is in the hands of God. All that shakthipāth can do for you is
to take you to the level of samādhi or thoughtless state. That
by itself is a very high spiritual state. A person acquires even
supernatural powers in that state. It is just for your

A practitioner: Will shakthipāth help with our spiritual
progress in future lives too? Will our sādhan or practice
automatically continue from where we might leave it in the
current birth?

My answer: Yes please. All yoga texts have been harping
on this. However, in every life time, shakthipāth initiation is
required to be taken formally under a Guru. The occurrence
of this formality seems to be predestined more or less. Of
course! It will depend upon the accumulated karmas in your
previous lives too.

A practitioner: Even after taking shakthipāth initiation, are
there any chances of non-awakening of kundalini energy

despite the disciple meditating every day?

My answer: Shakthipāth initiation is akin to lighting fire in
the haystack of karmas. If the conditions are not conducive,
then the grass will not catch fire. For example, if the grass is
wet or it is raining at the time of the lighting of fire etc., the
fire may not rage properly. Similarly, the manifestation of the
kriya depends on prevailing mental conditions at the time of
taking shakthipāth initiation. These conditions could be
temporary in nature, like the practitioner’s mind not being
calm. It could also be due to the nature of accumulated
karmas in the mind. Although the mind would have already
fulfilled the basic requisite condition by acquiring some sort
of equilibrium of the three “guñās” (Rajas, Tamas, Satvic) or
qualities, otherwise that person would not have been able to
meet a Guru and take shakthipāth initiation in the first place.
Now let me go back a little to our original discussion.

The reason for fire not catching up immediately could be
due to some minor aberration. For example, the mind may
not yet be stable enough with the three guñās or qualities. It
means a person may be having too much of Rajas or Tamas
quality. The remedy is to practice the mantra with a mind
focused on Guru. All said and done, shakthipāth once done,
will remain active forever. The spark of spiritual fire will not
die down as it happens with the physical fire. It will remain
dormant if the practitioner does not practice. But it will not
die down. Now it all depends upon the practitioner to ensure
that the lighted flame is tended so that it starts burning down
the karmas. Once the fire is big enough the effort required
will become less. Therefore, there is nothing known as non-
awakening after shakthipāth initiation is given because the very
act of shakthipāth initiation means the awakening of the
kundalini energy. The cosmic energy emanates from the body
of Guru and after awakening the kundalini energy in the
practitioner, it returns back to the Guru. Another issue to be
kept in mind is that a practitioner may not be experiencing
the kriyas! But that does not mean that kriyas are not taking
place inside the body or mind or intellect. For example, in a

practitioner who is already awakened in previous lives, the
reactions may be very subtle in the current life. Many
practitioners do get a doubt as to whether kriyas are
happening or not. I will tackle this subject later while
answering another practitioner.

A practitioner: I would like to ask you a question. When
you are giving shakthipāth initiation to other people, is it good
for those who have already had initiation to join you in

My answer: Yes. Of course! It is good if you join the
Guru in meditation not only when Guru gives shakthipāth
initiation to other people, but also whenever Guru is in
meditation. It is always beneficial for all yoga practitioners to
practice along with their Guru. It has some sort of powerful
impact, or rather the time is highly beneficial for
practitioners. That’s the rationale behind it. I keep everyone
informed about my meditation schedule so that people can
take advantage of it if possible.

A practitioner: What is the minimum age stipulation for
getting initiated by shakthipāth?

My answer: There is no age restriction technically. But I
don’t give shakthipāth initiation to anyone unless he or she
crosses the legal minority age stipulation. Ideally, the person
should be of 21 years or a marriageable age at least.
Otherwise, there have been some cases wherein the parents
and family members started quarreling with the Guru in case
their children happen to develop aggressive kriyas or reactions
due to shakthipāth initiation. If they are at least out of the
minority age restriction, then the Guru is safe legally.
Otherwise, the consent of the parent or guardian will be
required. Usually, shakthipāth Gurus avoid getting into such

Further, it also makes sense to wait until the children
become more matured mentally before they are given
spiritual initiation. I had to turn down many such requests. In
some cases, even teenage children approached me directly
without the knowledge of their parents.

A practitioner: Guru Ji! My question is whether
shakthipāth can be used as a healing modality in people that
have a mental illness like schizophrenia or any other? Can
these Karmic patterns be cleaned through shakthipāth?

My answer: No please. It is because of two reasons.
Firstly it will not work out that way at all. They will not be
able to receive the shakthipāth. Secondly, it is highly risky to
give shakthipāth to such people. The reaction could manifest
in a counterproductive manner. It can go wild and may not
be controllable.

A practitioner: Dear Guru Ji! Can you suggest a very
good English book on shakthipāth and how to get it?

My answer: There is a lot of literature available pertaining
to shakthipāth. Unfortunately, most of these books were
written in the Hindi language. Only a very few have been
translated into English. I have circulated the information
pertaining to these books earlier. But these books are not
available on any publishing platforms for purchase. They are
printed by some of the ashrams and they hold all the
copyrights. I have been arranging for the books to be made
available for some of the practitioners. Only a very few books
are available in English. Other than these books, I am not
aware of any other books. You can search on the internet and
check. But I can’t guarantee the authenticity of the literature.
This sort of literature is very tricky in nature. You need to be
very careful about the authenticity of the source. Otherwise,
people might get misguided. That’s the danger. It’s best to
seek this kind of knowledge directly from your Guru rather
than depending on unknown sources. I have tried to
summarize the principles of shakthipāth, whatever little I could
do in my book “The Power Unknown to God.” Hopefully, I
will try and publish my next book also at the earliest. In the
meantime, I suggest you try and read my book once again
deliberately so that you may unravel new things. Let me
assure you that I have tried my best to pack a few things
hidden in the book. I can’t reveal the reasons for deliberately
hiding the content. This had to be done as per the directions

are given by my own Guru Ji, His Holiness Swami
Sahajananda Tirtha. I am sure people who have taken
shakthipāth initiation and who are practicing regularly will be
able to easily unravel the stuff as they read it again and again.

A practitioner: Namaste Guru Ji, I wanted to express my
lingering doubt about the food restriction I asked before.
While I understand what you said, there is still a doubt. After
Shaktipāt, if there are no restrictions, wouldn’t I accumulate
the karmās of killing animals if I eat meat (not that I ever
want to)? I guess the bigger question is that you indicate that
everything thing that happens after Shaktipāt is to burn down
karmas. I get it in theory but, on the other hand, it seems a bit
like a self-fulfilling. Please understand this is not a reflection
on your knowledge or understanding rather, it is solely about
my understanding. I firmly believe that there is a deeper
understanding of your teaching but I am unable to grasp it. In
my mind, the message goes something like this:

After Shaktipāt, if I hurt someone due to past differences
etc., is it justified under the notion that it happened to burn
down my karmas? What is the difference between a people
who continue to act in this world according to ego versus one
who has received Shaktipāt, in terms of karmas? I know you
have mentioned that after Shaktipāt, karmas don’t have a
strong effect or that they will be resolved quickly or
something to that effect. But, a bigger karmic event like
killing someone or animals for the sake of food and
enjoyment should carry a heavy burden, right?

Like the example of killing a person, I don’t know about
spiritual ramifications but, local law will be swift in judgment
and punishment whether that person has received Shaktipāt
or not, right?

Maybe, I am not asking the right questions or confusing
myself further but I hope you understand my doubt and
request your help in understanding this. Also, there is the
accepted principle of supply and demand. In that light, a
butcher will not kill unless there is a demand for meat from
people which is the situation in our societies. An exception is

those who hunt etc., but that’s not the majority. In a normal
scenario, a person who buys meat, but doesn’t kill, also
contributed to the death of that animal. Wouldn’t he/she take
part in that karma as well apart from eating it? Please, help
me understand Guru Ji.

My response: Let me answer your questions point-by-
point in the same sequence. If, a person deliberately moves
his body into a swing it is called karma. Whereas, after
Shaktipāt if the swinging movement of the body occurs
naturally during Sādhan under the influence of the awakened
Kundalini energy then, it is called Kriyā. Then, there’s a third
variety of people, those in whom Kundalini energy is already
awakened before Shaktipāt initiation, it must have been a
carry forward from the previous life or accidentally awakened
in the current life. In such cases it will be deemed to be a
karma only since Shaktipāt initiation was not yet formally
received by them. That’s the reason it is said that everyone
must receive the Shaktipāt initiation in every lifetime formally
under a Guru. However, this issue about committing a fresh
karma versus its manifestation as a Kriyā becomes subtler and
subtler when it comes to subtle actions like; thoughts, etc.
Then the thin line between a karma and Kriyā becomes more
subtle, often people get confused, I have said on a few
occasions earlier that you don’t have to worry too much
about it because even if it is a fresh karma it will be relatively
easier to clear it in future as the karma will not be strong
enough. Moreover, it will be ensured that the karma will not
be too strongly imprinted to protect the practitioner. This is
the reason why people are advised to be bold and not to stop
their thoughts during Sādhan however sinful they may appear
to be. However, a bigger event like killing or hurting someone
will obviously get imprinted as a strong fresh karma, but
killing and hurting only, not what you eat, these are two
different karmās. Although eating food is also a karma it’s
considered a necessity to maintain your body. Therefore,
committing a karma is unavoidable in such cases, how many
people wish to kill any animal or bird for meat? Many don’t

want to do that, however, they don’t mind eating meat to
satisfy their sensual pleasures. In that case, eating food will
also become a fresh karma definitely, but about the action of
eating food, killing becomes a fresh karma obviously but not
under special circumstances like; it happens if you are stuck in
a wild forest with no other food available to eat. What a
person does for such kind of survival is not deemed to be a
very strong karma although, it is fresh karma. Nevertheless,
but if it is done for the sake of pleasure like in hunting
expedition and thereafter if you happen to eat the meat
passionately then obviously two kinds of karmas are
committed here. That’s how some people have this rule that
they need to eat if they happen to kill.

Regarding killing someone and taking shelter under the
excuse of a Kriyā etc. will be a sure shot fresh karma only.
However, it all depends upon various factors, for example,
someone might happen to kill in self-defense, etc. even the
law of land factors in such aberrations. Therefore, you need
to understand this entire concept in a comprehensive manner
rather than in isolation. Moreover, you may be trying to
understand this karma stuff from a mathematically precise
point of view, but there’s something known as the mental
state of the person. When an action has been committed, it
could be even in a dispassionate manner, for example, a
soldier fighting a battle, he may not be having any personal
grudge against the enemy soldier whom he is killing. He is
just simply doing his duty dispassionately. Therefore, it can’t
be deemed to be a fresh karma in such circumstances, anyway
please don’t bother too much about it. The awakened
Kundalini energy will give you the required understanding as
you progress. Eating is a different karma, killing is a different
karma. You are trying to mix up the two by bringing in ethical
issues here. There’s no difference between eating vegetables
and meat other than its impact on your mind. I mean meat
makes the mind more restless and promotes cruel behavior as
you see in carnivorous animals. Whereas, eating vegetarian
food helps in making the mind a little peaceful like you find

in herbivorous animals. Other than this, a person is not
affected in any manner. However, killing is a different story
altogether, whether you do it out of vengeance or for food
purpose or inadvertently for amusement, the bottom line is
there are no issues on ethics or sins for a yoga practitioner.
There’s no distinction between a saint and sinner for the
Divine, that distinction is only within the realm of human
existence, I hope you got some clarity on this issue because I
find members asking this doubt repeatedly, please don’t
bother too much about the differentiation between a karma
and Kriyā. Just surrender yourself to the divinity and go
ahead with your practice, that’s the bottom line.

Information on seekers

The following minimum information should be obtained
from the seekers of Shaktipat initiation into kundalini yoga.
This information is helpful to get to know the seeker and
form a mental picture regarding the person. It can be sent to
the seeker as a form to be filled in by the seeker and returned
to the Guru. The seekers are at liberty to volunteer any other
details if they wish to do so. However, this information is not
exhaustive in anyway. If the Shaktipat Guru desires to know
more details about the person then that can be sought.

Personal details

*Note: (This information is required to get to know about
you and is kept confidential.)
Full Name:
Name of city/country: (location of current residence)
Origin of country: (if different from above)
Mobile phone No:
WhatsApp No:
Religious background: (information required although it

doesn’t matter)
Educational background:
Professional background:
Marital status:
Children if any & ages:
Photos: 3 photos including a close-up from chest above
required for initiation

Shaktipat Questionnaire

*Note: (Please respond honestly. Otherwise it can be risky
to your health and life. You need to be honest from the
bottom of your heart while replying to the questions.
Shaktipat is meant for purely spiritual growth and not for
gaining any kind of materialistic benefits, like gaining
supernatural powers or any other materialistic benefits. Please
remember that Kundalini energy is conscious and all
knowing. Therefore, please express your inner objective in
seeking initiation into Kundalini Yoga. Please remember that
you can’t cheat the God.)

1. Why are you seeking to get initiated into this path/what
is your inner desire?
2. Do you have any major health problems, like heart
related issues or cancer or HIV or TB or asthma or any other
terminally ill disease?
3. Do you have any kind of mental illness?
4. Are you addicted to any kind of drugs or on any
medication otherwise?
5. Have you ever been initiated into kundalini yoga by
Shaktipat or any other yoga system previously? If yes, who
were the Guru and the lineage?

Instructions for Shaktipat initiation

(These instructions should be sent to the seeker a few days
before the scheduled date of Shaktipat initiation.)

Please start memorizing the names and pictures of all
Shaktipat Gurus in our lineage sent to you.

Watch the videos sent to you as many times as possible.

It is going to be a three-day program.

It takes approximately ninety minutes on the first day and
60 minutes on other two days. However do not plan on a
tight schedule. You must cater two hours time exclusively for
this purpose on the first day and 90 minutes on the other two
days. That means if the Shaktipat initiation has been planned
for 5 o’clock in the morning you should be able to spare time
till 7 o’clock on the first day.

Shaktipat is done on empty stomach. However, water, tea
or coffee can be taken lightly on the day of initiation. This
rule will be applicable on the second and third day as well.
However, after the morning session of meditation is over you
can eat food on all the three days.

In the meantime you have to do a few minor preparations.

Prepare a meditation seat for yourself. A folded blanket or

a cotton sheet will do.

I have sent you 8 pictures of the Gurus of the Shaktipat
Order including my picture.

You need to memorize the names and faces of all the
Shaktipat Gurus in the same order

You need to send me your pictures. One good close up
picture and one up to waist level. Your pictures should be in
formal gestures. There should not be any smiling face or
picture taken in different postures etc. Pictures should not
contain any background scenes or people. It should be with a
plain background. Please ensure that your face is clearly
visible without any shadow falling on it. Ideally send multiple
pictures if you are in doubt about the quality.

You need to avoid alcohol and all non- vegetarian food
during the period of three days including eggs. However,
smoking is permitted. There is no restriction on indulging in
sexual activity between husband and wife.

You need to select a place in your house in such a manner
that you face the Eastern direction when you sit for

You will have to compulsorily take a head shower on all
the three days before sitting for meditation every day and
wear freshly washed clothes.

All these restrictions are only for three days.

After the three day procedure you are free totally. There
are no more restrictions after three days.

For ladies, the date selected should not clash with their
menstrual cycle. But after the three day process this
restriction will also be no longer applicable.

The actual procedure on the first day will be as follows;
Shaktipat initiation will be done in two sessions on the same
day consecutively. The first session will be for mantra
initiation. Second session will be for actual Shakthipat

On the day of the initiation you need to contact me at the
decided time. Please do not sit on the meditation seat in
advance before contacting me. You will sit on the meditation

seat only after I tell you to start your meditation session.

I will be first praying for you. After I finish praying I will
call you myself and give you a mantra. It might take about 15-
20 minutes to finish my prayer. During this time you also
need to sit in meditation. While I am praying; you need to
close your eyes and focus your mind on the Gurus of
Shakthipat Order. Please offer your obeisance to them and
seek their blessings that the mantra which you are about to
receive from me should be fruitful for you at the earliest.

After I finish praying I will call you and give you the
mantra. It will be a small mantra. So don’t worry about
memorizing it. However, please remember to keep attending
your phone. Please don’t switch it off or put it in silent mode
till I finish giving you the mantra.

After giving you the mantra I will give you a small break of
10 minutes. You can get up from your meditation seat,
stretch your legs and relax the muscles. You can also visit the
washroom and also drink water if you wish. Thereafter keep
your phone on silent mode or switch it off and contact me.

You will start the second session of meditation only after I
tell you to do so. After I tell you to start; you can sit on your
meditation seat and close your eyes. I will also sit in
meditation with my phone switched off or in silent mode.
Therefore, neither you will be able to contact me nor I will be
able to contact you from this point onwards till Shaktipat
initiation is over. Please keep it in mind that Shaktipat session
can’t be repeated. Therefore ensure that there is no
disturbance for you. In case of any disturbance at my end I
can always schedule the Shaktipat session later. But this will
not be the case with you. Since I will not be aware of your
situation I will continue performing Shaktipat on you. I can
exercise my free will only once for you as per the yoga

First, recall the images of all Gurus of the Shaktipat Order.
Pay your obeisance and seek their blessings that Shaktipat
should be successful and that reactions should start
developing in your body at the earliest. Take your time and

don’t rush through the prayer. Lastly focus your mind only
on my picture and start doing the repetition of the mantra
simultaneously while focussing on my picture.

You need to do the repetition of mantra for 30 minutes
minimum. You can continue doing it for more time if you
can sit longer. You can stretch your legs and relax in between
but keep your eyes closed. You can also change the position
of your legs.

In case your mind drifts and thoughts enter your mind;
slowly focus your mind again on my picture and start doing
the repetition of mantra. By any chance if some reactions
develop in your body or mind and you are unable to do
repetition of mantra or focus on your Guru’s picture; then
forget about me and the mantra. Focus only on the reactions
developing in your body or mind and keep observing them
like a silent spectator.

Don’t wish for any materialistic things in life. Just seek the
divine blessings. You shall get whatever you deserve or
whatever the divinity thinks is good for you. Otherwise often
people have no idea what is good for them. They seek
something but don’t realize that they may be seeking a curse
in reality. Therefore please keep this in mind.

At the end of the session pay your respects to all Gurus of
the Shaktipat Order once again before getting up.

Message me after you finish the meditation.

I would be meditating on your picture simultaneously
along with you.

When I finish my meditation I will contact you.

That is it!

Same procedure for the next two days. Total three days!

But on the second and third day you simply seek blessings
that reactions should start manifesting in your body well. It is
not necessary for me to sit with you although I will try to. But
for you it is compulsory.

Success in yoga practice is always based on the grace of
the Guru. You take me for example. I don’t have any
supernatural powers or capability to transfer the cosmic

energy and awaken Kundalini energy all alone. It’s a power
granted to me by my Guru which I am executing. I am only a
conduit for Shaktipath. Just a medium or like an operator
who presses the button and it works. That is all I know about

So you see, it’s all due to the grace of my Guru.

Therefore it is important that you familiarize yourself with
the names and faces of all Gurus of the Shaktipat Order
because you will be drawing all your strength from them.

You have a right to invoke the divine blessings from all
Gurus of the Shaktipat Order at any time and everywhere.

That’s how you attract their grace.

I will give you the mantra formally only on the day of your
initiation since I follow the Indian lunar calendar system.
It is a total package kind of thing. A kind of spiritual
package! It is not just limited to some simple meditation. It
covers all areas of your life comprehensively. You have
already read the book “The Power Unknown to God.”
Therefore you must have got an idea about it by now.

It is the correct frame of mind which matters. Sit for
meditation and surrender yourself to the divine both mentally
and physically. Just sit helplessly and seek the divine blessings.
That is the trick! It needs to be spontaneous and no fake
surrender to the divine. The divinity is all-knowing. Therefore
please understand this well.

I would like you to understand that it is going to be a very
spiritual thing.

It’s about your direct relationship with God.

I am only a medium for Shaktipat or some sort of conduit
for Shaktipath. Otherwise, it’s going to be you and the God;
face to face. Kindly understand this very carefully.

I am only a fellow human being for you on this planet.
Therefore I am willing to help you. If you understand what I
mean you will also understand that it is all about faith and

You may cheat anyone but not the God. Therefore, be
very clear as to what you want from the depth of your heart.

If you seek the grace of God you will get it.

Otherwise if you want to seek any materialistic benefits
then you can forget about everything. This Shaktipat will not
work for you.

Awakening of Kundalini energy is purely meant for
attracting the grace of God.

I suggest you please seek that grace and you shall be saved.
When you sit for meditation, surrender yourself to the
divinity or Guru.
That’s the trick!
Don’t wait for any reactions in the body from your side. It
might take a lot of time for them to manifest.
Your duty is to focus only on the mantra and your Guru.

That’s it! That’s the secret.

Next it may take a very long time for results to show up.

It is patience and perseverance which are going to pay off.



Aham: Egoism or the principle of “I’s” in a human being!
Aĵñã chakra: The energy centre located between the two
eyebrows in a human body.
Akaash tatva: It means the essence of the element ether. As
per the ancient Sanskrit texts, the cosmos, including the
human body is made of five elements. They are earth, water,
fire, air, and ether. However, modern science doesn’t yet
recognize the existence of the fifth element ‘ether.’
Anāhata chakra: The energy centre located at the heart
region on the spine.
Anāhata sound: The sound produced without anything
being struck and could be heard by a person internally.
Asana: It is a yogic posture. Yoga practitioners practice
various asanas as a preparation for meditation based Ashtanga
Apan: The life force which operates in the lower region of
the body!
Ashram: The yogic retreat. It is the residence of a Guru or
the venerable teacher under whose direct supervision people
practice yoga.
Ashtanga yoga: This is also called Raja Yoga. It is a
meditation-based yoga system. It has eight preparatory levels
or stages.
Ashtami: The eighth day after the full moon or new moon as
The secret science of Shaktipat
per the lunar calendar system in India!
Ashtami havan: A sacrificial fire ceremony performed on the
eighth day during the navaratris or the nine-day festive season
in India in honor of the supreme cosmic power.
Añavee đeeksha: An initiation into the practice of any kind
of yoga system or any other practice aimed at materialistic
fulfillment before the awakening of kundalini energy in a
Añuvopay: The technique used for giving añavee đeeksha!
Bhagavad Gita: The literal meaning is song celestial. It is a
sacred Sanskrit text of the Hindus. It is in the form of
teaching by Lord Krishna to his friend and the Pandava
prince Arjun who refused to fight the battle to avoid the
unpleasant act of killing his relatives on the opposing side.
This text is part of the famous epic Mahabharat of the
Bhakthi yoga: It is a yoga system based on the devotion of a
person to a particular God or Goddess. Here, the devotion is
used as the technique to achieve stillness of the mind.
Usually, this kind of yoga practice is suitable for persons who
are temperamental by nature.
Brahman: The supreme divinity pervading all cosmos and
beyond or the God or Almighty etc.!
Brahmacharya: The practice of celibacy!
Brahma muhurta: This begins approximately one hour and
thirty minutes before the sunrise! It is considered as the most
auspicious time for undertaking any kind of work and more
so for yoga practices.
Buddhi: It is a form of the cosmic energy called the ‘intellect’
in a person or the discriminating faculty along with which
egoism is co-located.
Chakra:An energy center in the cerebrospinal system!
Chamunda: One of the Indian Goddess worshipped at the
city of Dewas in India.
Chidakash: The mind space!
Darshan: The opportunity to see a person or any other
Colonel T Sreenivasulu
Đeeksha: Theformal procedure of giving initiation into a
yoga system to a practitioner by his or her Guru. It is usually
done at an auspicious time on an auspicious day selected for
the purpose.
Đeekshadhikara: The formal authorization given to give
Đeeksha to any person by a spiritual or yoga Guru to one of
his or her disciples. After this authorization, the disciple also
becomes a spiritual or yoga Guru formally. This authorization
can be given to more than one disciple also.
Dhanteraspuja: A worship ceremony performed on the
festival of Dhanteras festival in India.
Dholak: A kind of musical instrument of India!
Dhyan mudra: The meditative posture and gesture!
Guru: The venerable teacher who drives away the darkness
or ignorance from the mind of a student, so that the light of
knowledge which is already there inside the Self shines forth!
Guru Gita: The song celestial in adoration of Guru. It is part
of an ancient Sanskrit text called Markandeya Purana. It
teaches the essence of Guru and how to worship him as God
or the Almighty. It is available as a separate book on many
publishing platforms.
Guñās: The three qualities of the mind-stuff.
Japa: Repetition of mantra!
Ji: It is a suffix added at the end of any name or a
professional as a mark of respect in the Hindi language in
India. The same suffix might also be in use in more of Indian
languages as well.
Ĵñãna yoga: This is a yoga system based on the path of
knowledge. Usually, this kind of yoga practice is suitable for
intellectual type people.
Kaali: The Goddess of destruction or the primordial
supreme cosmic power in the destructive form!
Kailash parvat: Kailash Mountain in the Himalayan ranges!
Kamakya: A Goddess worshipped at Guwahathi city in the
Assam state of India.
Kalighat: A Goddess worshipped at Kalighat in India.
Kanyakumari: A Goddess of India worshipped at the city of
The secret science of Shaktipat
Kanyakumari in the Tamilnadu state of India. It is located at
the southernmost tip of India.
Kartal: A kind of musical instrument of India.
Kathak: A kind of dance form of India!
Kawali: A kind of dance gesture of India!
Kriya: The involuntary reaction in body, mind, and external
daily life which manifests to clean the mind of a person of all
its sensual impressions!
Kundalini: The supreme primordial cosmic energy which
manifests in the form of the universe. This energy is located
at the base of the cerebrospinal system in every human being
halfway between the anus and the genital region.
Lakshmi: The Goddess of sustenance or the primordial
supreme cosmic power in sustaining forms!
Lingam The phallus! Followers of Lord Shiva worship him
in the form of a phallus.
Ma Durga: The Goddess Mother Durga worshipped in India.
Mahalaksmi: The great Goddess of sustenance or the
primordial supreme cosmic power in sustaining forms!
Mala: A string of Rudraksha beads used for counting while
doing the repetition of a mantra.
Māya Cosmic illusion or the cosmic energy in its most
fundamental form!
Manipura: The energy centre located in the navel region on
the spine.
Manjunatha: Lord Shiva!
Mantra: It is a sacred Sanskrit syllable or a word or a
sentence or a group of sentences that could run into any
amount of text.
Mantrashastra: The science dealing with the mantras! So
many ancient texts are available in Sanskrit dealing with this
Mazira: A kind of musical instrument of India!
Meenakshi: A Goddess of India worshipped at the city of
Madurai in the Tamilnadu state of India.
Moksha: It means salvation or free from the cycle of life and
death for any creature. As per the ancient Sanskrit texts, this
Colonel T Sreenivasulu
is possible only for a human being. That means this is not
possible for any other living creature, including the celestial
beings and demons.
Mudra: A special yoga gesture!
Mookambika: A Goddess worshipped in India.
Mülādhāra chakra: The energy centre located at the base of
the cerebrospinal system halfway between the anus and the
genital region.
Naada: The primordial vibration that caused the beginning
of the cosmos!
Nadis: Subtle channels of energy!
Nadi shuddhi: It means cleaning of the subtle channels of
energy. This is usually done by practicing pranayama. It is a
yoga technique.
Nadi sodhana: The process of pumping out of the
impurities from the subtle channels of energy!
Naga baba: The mendicants who roam around yielding a
trident. They are usually followers of Lord Shiva. They are
usually found roaming around without wearing clothes, and
their bodies smeared with ashes.
Navrātri: It literally means nine nights. However, this nine-
day period is observed as a festive season by Hindus in India.
Usually, many serious devotees observe fasting during this
period. This period is meant for worshipping of the supreme
cosmic power or the divine as Mother Goddess as per the
tradition of shakthas or energy worshippers.
Ojas When celibacy is practiced by people, sex energy gets
converted into this substance. It is supposed to be climbing
up the sushumna nadi or the central channel of the spine. As a
result, it gives some kind of powerful aura to the people to
attract masses. Wherever a person is seen in society displaying
extraordinary genius and impacting a large size population, it
is due to the power of these substances!
Padmasana: The lotus posture of the asana!
Parampara: The lineage or the order of monks of any
tradition or yoga system!
Parāshakthi: The supreme primordial cosmic energy!
The secret science of Shaktipat
Parayanam: Recitation!
Patanjali Yoga Sutras: This is an ancient Sanskrit treatise on
Ashtanga yoga or Raja yoga. This is considered to be the most
authoritative text on the meditation-based above the yoga
Prāñ: It is a form of the cosmic energy or the kinetic energy
pervading the entire cosmos. It is also the life force pervading
the ‘sheath of life force’ in a human body.
Prañām: It simply means salutations. This word is used by
people in India while greeting elders or venerable persons in
society, usually accompanied by both palms joined together
either standing or kneeling. Sometimes prostration of the
body is also done on the ground.
Prāñ vayu: It is the life force in the form of an invisible gas
that operates in the upper region of the human body.
Prāñayama: It is a part of Ashtanga or Raja yoga. It deals
with the science of breathing to achieve control over the life
force that exists within the human body.
Puja: Worshipping ceremony in India!
Rajas: One of the three qualities of the mind due to which
creativity manifests in all forms.
Raja yoga: This is also called Ashtanga yoga. It is a
meditation-based yoga system. It has eight preparatory levels
or stages.
Ramayan: It is an ancient Sanskrit text of India. It is an epic
that describes the deeds of Prince Rama, who is worshipped
as a divine incarnation of God in India. The prince was born
in an ancient kingdom of the Indian subcontinent and later
became its ruler.
Rishis: Sages of India!
Sādhana: It is the voluntary practice done by a person tinged
with the human egoism before kundalini energy has been
awakened in his or her body.
Sādhan: It is the phenomenon of involuntary practice that
takes place inside a human body, mind, and in the external
daily life after kundalini energy has been awakened.
Sādhak: A practitioner of any yoga or tantric system!
Colonel T Sreenivasulu
Sahasrara: The energy centre located at the crown of the
Samsāra: The worldly existence or the experience of life by a
human being or any other creature. It is presumed to be the
only psychedelic in nature as per ancient texts.
Samādhi: It is a state of thoughtlessness. It is the terminal
objective of all yoga practices before self-realization can
Sankalpa: Freewill exercised by humans in their minds!
Sākshi bhāvam: The state of a mute witness or mindfulness
in a human being! It is a term applied to the human psyche.
Sarswathi: The Goddess of creation or the primordial
supreme cosmic power in the creative form!
Sātvic: One of the three qualities of the mind due to which
the function of maintenance or sustenance manifests in all
Shastra: The word means science. However, it is usually used
when reference is made to the ancient Sanskrit texts on
various sciences.
Shakthopay: The technique used for giving Shaktipat đeeksha
or initiation. Here, the cosmic energy or the shakthi is used as
the tool.
shambhavi đeeksha: Shambhavi đeeksha or initiation is a
state reached by a person. There’s no more initiation or
đeeksha at this state as such although often misunderstood by
people. This state is supposed to be reached at the end of
yoga practice using Shakthopay.
Shambhavopay: The alleged technique used for giving
shambhaviđeeksha or initiation.
Shambhavi mudra: The yoga gesture allegedly used by
people to give initiation into shambhavi đeeksha!
Shanthi: Absolute peace!
Shakthas: The energy worshippers in India! They worship
God in the form of cosmic energy.
Shaktipat: ‘The descent of energy’ It is a technique used by
the Order of Shakthipath monks to initiate a practitioner into
the Sidha Mahā yoga system.
The secret science of Shaktipat
Shakthi: The primordial cosmic energy!
Shakthi peeta: The primordial cosmic energy centre!
Shiva murti: Form of Lord Shiva!
Shri Phal: Coconut!
Siddha mahā yoga: The grand yoga system encompassing all
the individual yoga systems after the kundalini energy is
woken up in a person. It is the yoga system practiced by the
Order of Shaktipat.
Surya tratak: A tantric practice involving focusing of
concentration on Sun.
Sushumna: The central channel of the spine in a human
Sushumna nadi: The subtle channel of energy in the central
channel of the spine in a human body!
Svādhisthāna chakra: It is the energy centre located near
the root of the genital region in the cerebrospinal system.
Tāmas: One of the three qualities of the mind due to which
destruction manifests in all forms.
Tandhra: It is a state between the dream state and the
waking state as per yoga texts.
Tantra: A form of yoga system.
Tāntric: Practitioner of tantra! A form of yoga system!
Tattva: The essence of a thing!
Trishul: The trident wielded by Lord Shiva!
Vaastu: The ancient Indian science pertaining to ideal
architectural aspects.
Vairagya: It is a state of the mind when interest is lost in
both the external and internal worlds, which are materialistic
in nature.
Vaishñodêvi: The Goddess located on the Triküta Mountain
in Himālayās in the State of Jammu and Kashmir in India. It is
the most popularly worshipped energy centre.
Vedanta: It is one of the six systems of Indian philosophies.
Virat Kali: The Goddess of destruction in her full universal
Vishudha: The energy centre located in the region of the
throat on the spine!
Colonel T Sreenivasulu
Yogi: The practitioner of any yoga system!
Yôgini: The lady practitioner of any yoga system!
Yam: The seed mantra sound of the heart chakra or the
anahat chakra.

Ashrams of the Shaktipāt Order
(Traceable & Autonomous)

1. Sri Swāmi Sahajānanda Tirtha, c/o Asheervad Oldage
Home, Near Nagasai Mandir, Kabela Center, RR Nagar,
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, Mobile: +91 9848219240, +91
2. Yogini Rachna, Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, India,
Mobile: +91 945 022 0221
3. Yogini Supriya, Melbourne Beach, Florida, USA, Mobile:
+1(321)960-0445, Email: supriyavarmakurup@gmail.com
4. Yogini Vartika Shukla, Gurugram, Haryana, India, Mobile:
+91 981 996 2635, Email: vartikashukla2000@gmail.com
5. Gregory Hagi, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, +61 407 683
465, Email: ghracer@hotmail.com
6. Yogi Virendra, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, +91
9999290388, Email: virendrasfarswan@gmail.com
7. Suzanne, Monza, Italy, Email: sioux.aya@gmail.com
8. Abhishek Vashist, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, +91
9079121514, Email: abhijagriya@gmail.com
9. Yogi Gautam, Hyderabad, Telangana, India, +91
9963359922, Email: yogi.Shaktipāt@gmail.com
Colonel T Sreenivasulu
10. Yogini Ramya Devi, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, Mobile:
+91 988 023 9480
11. Puneet Parashar, Dubai, UAE, Mobile: +971 52 867 6684
Email: puneetparashar39@gmail.com
12. Yogini Manisha, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, Mobile: +91
799 110 9595
13. S Sewduth, Johannesburg, South Africa, Mobile: +27 83
682 2286, Email: juss@mplanet.co.za
14. Yogini Parameshwari, Jangaon, Telangana, India, Mobile:
+91 970 442 407
15. Mr. Ravi Kumar Kousik, Hyderabad, India, Mobile: +91
16. Mr. Ajay Humsagar, Hyderabad, India, Mobile: +91
17. Mr. Nageswar Rao, Andhra Pradesh, India, Mobile: +91
18. Mr. Kamalesh Padiya, Pune, Maharashtra, +91
9765800457, +91 8530390457
19. Narayan Kuti Sanyas Ashram, Tekri Road, Devas,
Madhya Pradesh, India, PIN – 455001, Tele: +91
0727223891/31880, Mobile: +91 9977968108
20. Swāmi Vishnu Tirth Sādhan Seva Nyas, 12-3, Old Palasiya,
Jopat Koti, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, PIN – 452001,
Tel: +91 0731 566386/564081, Mobile: +91 9713468347
21. Swāmi Shivom Tirth Kundalini yoga Center, Durga
Mandir, Near Collector Bungalow, Chindwada, Madhya
Pradesh, India, PIN – 480001, Tel: +91 07162 42640
22. Swāmi Shivom Tirth Ashram, Mukarji Nagar, Raisan,
Madhya Pradesh, India, PIN – 464551, Tele: +91 07482
23. Swāmi Shivom Tirth Maha Yog Ashram, Khari Ghat,
Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India, PIN – 482008, Tel: +91
0761 665027
24. Devatma Shakthi Society,74, Navali Village, Post
Dhahisar (via Mumbra), Mumbra Panvel Road, Thane
District, Maharashtra, India, PIN – 400612, Tel: +91 022
The secret science of Shaktipat
25. Shivom Kripa Ashram Trust, House No. 28-1463/1,
Tene Banda, Shivom Nagar, Chittor, Andhra Pradesh, India,
PIN – 517004, Tel: +91 9440069096, 08572 49048
26. Yog Shree Peeth Ashram, Shivanand Nagar, Muni- ki-
rethi, Rishikêsh, Uttarakhand, India, PIN – 249201, Tel: +91
0135 430467
27. Om Kar Ashram, Chittorh Shasanagir, Junagarh, Gujarat,
28. Om Kar Sādhan Ashram, Anand, Gujarat, India
29. Swāmi Vishnu Tirth Gnana Sādhan Ashram, Kubudu
Road, Kedi Gujjar, Gannur, Sonepat District, Haryana, India,
Tel: +91 0124 62150/61550
30. Vishnu Tirth Sidha Mahayog Samstanam, Shivom Kuti
Ashram, Near Kaleshwar Mandir, Bhahadurpur Road,
Amalner Post, Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India, PIN –
31. Guru Niketan, Shiva Colony, Dabra, Gwalior Dist,
Madhya Pradesh, PIN – 475110, Tel: +91 07524 22153
32. Swami Shivom Tirth Ashram, Route No. 97, Pond Eddy,
Sulivan Country, New York, U.S.A
33. Swāmi Maheshwaranand Tirtha, Sunwaha, Raison
District, Madhya Pradesh, India, +91 7697648720
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The author is an alumnus of some of the prestigious
institutions of India like Sainik School Korukonda, National
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At the age of fifteen, he was attracted to the mighty
Himalayan ranges and the source of the river Ganga, due to
His long journey of more than two thousand kilometers
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Himalayan master on board the same train as a young boy!
Unknown to the young lad, his journey had already been
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