a lot of people have a problem in these terms and I don’t know why there’s only five isn’t for sign and then same same ones that are on every side but there are numbers with them too well yeah there’s always numbers with it because you have to know what degree you’re talking about otherwise how would you go where are you going you see what you’re doing so basically when you look at the term it looks like a little box just going up like that and from 0 to about 6 that were used to reuse areas of 0 to 6 we’re gonna find Gemini I’m Jupiter in the first 6 degrees and that’s 0 to 6 at the 6 degree we’re gonna go to the next degree which is what 13 those of you who brought you to the 14 so from 6 to 14 then is Venus that the next one yes so each one of these will have these numbers in them and I put them up here in the box so you’ll know that from that point to this point is that many degrees that you’re covering and then from this degree either way if this is 601 that means it’s in the venous side if it’s up to 6 is down on the Jupiter side there goes a 14 and what’s the next one mercury yes we have mercury and it goes from 14 to what 21 see so each one of these degrees is telling us this is where we are going in in the chart so that’s that’s just section that section in this step so when it hits a 6 then it’s Venus 601 there’s Venus oh so it’s still if it’s a 6 zero point I would say stay with you with 601 you’re in Venus ok is that tight so out of the circumstances then the terms are simply that the term has to relate to the chart you’re looking at so if it’s your natal chart and you have a wonderful Jupiter then this term is a wonderful term if it’s a lousy Jupiter than that term is a lousy term it has to relate to the dignity of your chart that you’re looking at either the horror a chart the progress chart or the natal chart okay so I thought I would tell you that makes sense so everything has to relate to the natal chart when you do a solo return all you’ve done is take a look at where your natal planet is in the native and where it went for the solar event what’s it doing it’s still doing where it is we get Mars in the 10th house you’re looking to achieve something and if Mars now is over to the fifth house of the solar return what are you looking to achieve some creative endeavor or fun thing or some kind of activity where you might be considering for the year a process for which you have all the family out for a number of times and go to Disneyland you might get your brother-in-law who comes out and you go to the bar yeah it could be a number of things they could be dealing with ambassadors it could be dealing with children agree a new child could be a number of thing because number Mars and 10 is now going over to five in the progression in the solar return that’s why let’s telling you it doesn’t have a brand new meaning that has the original meaning which has taken us over there so in the Solar return if I have Mars and Aries were just beautiful that’s telling me that that endeavor would really go well with Mars in the 10th house you see this is the important part of the solar return it doesn’t develop a new need it talks about the old of your chart and that humming sound we brought to you by the makers of people who drill could you give another example let’s say your rising sign is ruled by Pisces and you Jupiter’s in the fifth house so that tells me that you’re a very creative person in a sensitive way doesn’t it because Pisces is sensitive and you in the fifth house would be very nicely places because it probably in cancer this exaltation this would be good for a playwright this would be great for an artist of any kind photographer you fine arts because Pisces ruler is in cancer it also makes that person somewhat Cancerian because ascending sign when it’s in another sign personifies that sign more so than the ascending sign the ascending signs it falls behind that to sonification now in the solar return let’s say that Jupiter has progressed well Solar return placed in the 10th house so whatever that was individual was doing it as a rising sign Jupiter in the fifth now is in the house of endeavor something to achieve so that person would now be interested in achieving whatever they’re doing in the fifth house and the dignity because in their natal chart we have a highly dignified Jupiter by the exaltation but if let’s say that it’s now going to in the solar return that goes to Capricorn we get a problem because now Capricorn is in its fall and so Jupiter in Capricorn in the tenth house in its fall will not will have quite a bit of difficulty realizing that wonderful fifth house will have greater expectations than what can be realized because the planet is really big in cancer but it has diminished by your strength in the sign of Capricorn the chart is always the first middle and last word the situation so when you look at your terms what’s the last degree of Aries you look at your term look at your terms it says 34-6 under Saturn its growth so that last degree is Saturn oh yeah they’re all that way cuz that’s the end and it’s the end of it and you always step up to that Saturn block and how good your Saturn is in a chart tells you how severe or how relaxed that block would be or frustration or whatever it is you need to know the dignities let’s cover the dignities well taking this the dignities can be examined as if they were batteries in the in the chart itself so each planet is going to have its own battery pack we did this before but I want to cover it again just because we can I love that analogy now if we look at this if we look at this battery right here this battery if the planet is on the sign the battery is completely filled and charged to the top it’s absolutely powerful you have no worries about this battery at all it’s going to perform for you when you turn on whatever it is the battery is pulling off right that’s going to be fully prepared it’s fully charge is ready to go so this would be like a planet and its own sign let’s pick on Jupiter because we all love Santa Claus if we place Jupiter in its exaltation what happens is the battery is only three-quarters full plenty of power and we may expect more power than it’s actually giving us that’s where the exaltation means you’re not going to get everything you want but you’re expecting more and so the battery power itself is going to be about three quarters used up but you still have power in the Esso you can use them you can use this so this would be like Jupiter in the sign of cancer if we find the planet is in its triplicity well you’re going to have a you’re gonna have a battery that’s about half full it’s not going to be as powerful you’re gonna have to start looking at this with normal of a weary eye you might say and say okay how much power is left in the battery I can use it for certain occasions I can’t use it for all occasions and that’s how that works so Jupiter in its triplicity could be in any fire sign so it could be in Aries it could be in Leo or it even could be in Sagittarius its own sign triplicity meaning either day or night that’s all it is they call the sect but when we find a planet in its fall what we do is now we notice it is that the battery has hardly any power left and now we have to use it very conservatively and so will the planet use and be use and offer its direction and light very conservative so we would see here Jupiter perhaps in Capricorn right and so under that side we see that planet in its fall is not going to give you as much Santa Claus as we want here it’ll give you something you know you might get candy bars and fruits and nuts and maybe a nice toy do you think it’s worse than it actually is like it because it’s the opposite of the exultation do you think that’s false it has an excessive yeah sometimes if this rules like you found something in this and it was ruling the sixth house person might be like a hypochondriac something they might be ill but then they think it’s a lot worse than it is it’s in its fault something’s wrong but it’s not as bad as they say you know the migraine headache isn’t the brain explosion so at some times you’ll see that in charge when it says detriment there is no power at all the battery is dead there’s no help there’s nothing you can possibly do to revive that planet so Jupiter in the Sun in Gemini and in the sign of Virgo there’s very little power since its detriment here it does not work well it cannot give you anything so Santa Claus here is replete it’s now the day after Christmas and if you didn’t get it on Christmas you ain’t getting it so here then you see how the power of the planets relate by these words so this epsilon sign here which would be the rulership its exaltation and cancer it means a great deal of power but not up not the full battery triplicity even less and fall even less than that detriment absolutely no power whatsoever it’s very important that you remember this particular system when you’re looking at the planets in a chart because they tell you how they can help you how they can express their power and give you what it is you’re looking for this circumstance is called an essential dignity in other words the essential dignity is when a planet is placed in a sign just giving you the essential power of the planet which is this when it’s an accidental dignity okay it’s not getting the whole screen what’s happening is that’s telling you what a house it’s in those that a cardinal house a mutable house or a Capon house if it’s in a cardinal house that has more power if it’s in a mutable house that has some power if it’s in a Caden house it has nothing so again if you have a planet that’s in this detriment and in a cadent house you might as well just erase the planet off the chart because it’s not giving you anything well Cardinal fix our gap to that Cardinal look at a house yeah that’s I just fixed where refer to sign wouldn’t it yeah so the house placements itself would be what huh it’s a seat women that’s the desert we have to think so but thank you for catching that that’s listen good going so we have men the cardinal secede and caking house and that tells you the accidental power which also goes along this line so out of the circumstances we need to recognize how this power in the planetary position in the church are always reflecting back to you some form of an answer you don’t use this there’s no answers just a plan of an assignee but a lot of the moderns do oh I have Jupiter in Capricorn oh really it’s in the 10th house oh my god you must run a company no I just manage it really God with that Jupiter I think you don’t know anyway so the circumstance here that is you must understand how the power of the planets relate to what we’re about to go into ok any questions on that now when we see the planet in the house can you tell us something let’s say that Jupiter back to zero again let’s say that Jupiter is in Sagittarius okay in that case this Jupiter would suddenly become extremely powerful why well because it’s in the 10th house and not only is it in the ten thousands in its own sign so it’s accidentally and essentially absolutely the most powerful Jupiter you can possibly get in the chart this got all of all the ramifications of king size Jupiter let’s give him a crown even this isn’t its own sign and essentially dignified to the highest degree can be positively put 10th house first house is good but that was soon so we want we want we want this person to really get the benefit of Jupiter so Jupiter in the 10th house here in its own sign gives us this incredibly powerful battery type of situation what we see here is bang huge because it’s in its own son all right if we take Jupiter out of its own sign and put it in the sign of cancer well that’s not too bad because cancer exalted Jupiter however the situation becomes a little different what we start looking at now is not so much that huge Jupiter but really a very nicely placed one and still in the tenth house you would get a nice Jupiter that would really give you a lot of a lot of credit a lot of a lot of accolades a lot of power it would really do you well but in cancer you can see this a little bit smaller by projection then that first Jupiter that’s on the sign this is going on oh that’s in this exaltation when we see Jupiter and it’s triplicity it’s perhaps for Leo or sage because if it was in his home sign it goes really huge but if we give it triplicity then we see Jupiter that’s pretty much a nice Jupiter it’ll give you things you give you honors you have to work for them they’ll give you things that you want in life you’ll get you’ll get up you’ll get by you get by pretty well because and that’s an a sign that it can work with by triplicity in this case would either be Aries or Leo it will work out nicely for you it would give you honest it will give you what does this you seek this is a pure pristine state it alters when you start adding other things to it like squares and shrines and whatnot as a cyst that’s a Miss triplicity not too bad it’s pretty nice Jupiter if we take Jupiter and put him in his fault well I’ll now you got another problem Jupiter and his fault there’s no longer the Jupiter we were looking at this sort of a Judas you get stuff but not to stuff you’d like to get yeah you’re not you’re not gonna get the huge kingly ransom that the G was looking for it’s his fault it’s a lot smaller by power doesn’t have as much to give it just sort of it’s a gift giver it’s one of the elves it’s not Santa himself anymore so you kind of get left out of that when we it’s Jupiter in its detriment what we get is maybe something like that you kindly get no no don’t even get it it just holds a weakened Jupiter at this point in time just does not have much to offer so Jupiter in the tent at his detriment you get nothing yeah it looks good has a lot of accidental dignity but would you put a man straight out of the crazy house behind behind the wheel of a car or taking you somewhere or worse yet flying your airplane no you don’t want this person in charge that person in charge is in detrimental they might be mad at their wife or husband and decide while you’re in there in your plane being the pilot to drive over to her house or fly over the house and go you know you know crushed our internet this person’s got some problems but there it is so super and detriment in the tenth house wouldn’t work well for if you did practically nothing in that’s a pristine form why it can improve if it has good aspects that might it might have depends on the charts if you follow what I’m saying hopefully you’ll get where we’re going with this now another thing about this is if we had if we had let’s say sagitarius here and let’s say we have a Virgo here okay if I play cupid eager it’s in this detrimental so you see this person wants to achieve things in his life that’s where he wants to go with it because you know every sign chases after the planet but the problem is Jupiter here doesn’t have much power so what he chases as dreams will not be worth as wild Wow let’s use his dish with single argument so now we got a problem with this poor dude trying to chase after his goal and achieving it it wouldn’t work too well so now we have to take into consideration how to alter them now if something that can really shift this powerful or less than powerful situation this is a troublesome chart this is troublesome just for Jupiter you might as well just take it out of the picture and that’s how that would work you don’t get to chase it and it certainly is not gonna reward you because it’s not it’s not your it’s not your style so out of the circumstance then this is what you need to recognize when we are looking at the planetary positions in a chart rule 2 if you have say Gemini Gemini rising ruled by mercury of course and mercury happens to be up here and Virgo you see this person now is going to chase his dreams and what is the result of that dream chasing it’s fantastic isn’t it because aren’t we not in our own sign and in its exaltation here’s all kinds of rewards I think that this person chases after and guess what gets them achieves them that guy wrote his first novel big seller first time out acting gets gets a job on TV first time he decided to try something on a bicycle perfect anything this person tries to get after that mercury there wouldn’t give it to him in royalty they get a great deal of circumstances but he would have to chase it the sign that rules it is is there so he would have to chase after that situation he has to go after it if on the other hand we had mercury in the first house then the distinction the dow go to him they would bring it to him surprise parties for no reason they love this person the person in charge wants to be with him all the time they want to do things for that help them or I tell you just you know nicest person ever met in my life this is $6,000 raise is that a year or a month well what do you need to get it because the success point up here is chasing after the individual and he receives this calm so they need to chase it alright so this is what we’re doing this is how we do it person dies he goes for otherwise if it were the other way around and the 10th would come to him you have to create the energy this is a beautiful spot to understand all the rest all of you because in all of astrology it works this way no matter what go ahead ask yes success because high success right high success yes but because it’s there because because Gemini was here remember the sign chases the planet because Jim and I was here he as a person would achieve this very easily it would be he would chase it so the person has a Gemini rising ok so you see the rising sign is moving here is going them now this is what happens in solar returns that would be square ordinarily it is a square that means he’s going after it somewhat of a challenge but not the challenge we think it could be because this is our he guaranteed win the guaranteed win okay motivation would read the squirrel for that yeah that would really say motivation get this positive squared yeah rustling that John could have been in the first house well let’s say that top okay well let’s say that let’s say that this is the sons here okay well where’s leo okay well Leo is gonna have to be in the third house so all things third house goes here they go to here so this person Leo would never have to go underwear and worry about having to be taken somewhere because friends would probably show up and say I’ll take you I’ll come to you you know oh you live in a beautiful house do you mind if we give lectures here so this would come to him the other way around we were using the Sun again we use the Sun here in Leo well this is his own thing and this person would be would love to travel we’d love to go places love to go here love we go there because it’s third house but it’s Indians on sign so that is its own thing doing his own thing it would stay like that so the situation then is that wherever the planet is the sign will chase after it so we make this a person yeah we make this a person we know now that this individual has got his eye on the prize and by god he definitely wants to go running after it and see if he can get it all by himself so you see this guy here and they he not to always take the initiative or it doesn’t happen yeah he won’t but he will he will take you in him because that’s exactly what he’s going to do he’s going to chase after this goal and get it he’s gonna move to it say with Leo Leo the son in the third house if the sign Jason the planet then we’ve got the sign the sign and the planet in the same so it’s not going anywhere because it’s chasing it but it doesn’t need to go anywhere loves to do this happy loves to do this love the top loves the drive loves and go places probably a great truck driver yeah but he still has this great success coming to it so what would for example say you had to understand this to sign chase of the planet what did get a tourist on the second and then Venus in Libra in the seventh so Venus isn’t its own sign so the sign the resources are chasing the other person yes how do you do that when there’s the dual side and then it’s in this is template precedent because this is telling me look at Libra more than I am take a look at this because it’s a closer to leave room yeah because it’s closer do it remember we did that with gas chart then if it’s further away than the texture one it’s closer to the Sun Sign yeah so this is in the background they are both used this personal a married for money or marry somebody who’ll just provide money either way there’s a money situation in the chart it rules both but it’s close to the rules both closer here so the person here has more influence and access and power and then this one down here although they both rule this is the day side this is the night side so if it were the other way around then we’d say is the person a marriage partner now is very much interested and this dude’s money yeah but it still could be that he does not mind sharing because having a partner here is very important correction was that Venus in Libra sample the partner may share but they’ll tend to keep because in its own sign it keeps it to itself own sign negative will share with Sheriff probably at ad owing situation did you learn did you burn anything that’s an air sign and that’s giving yeah so that person will share yes so this is a marriage to somebody with money or at least will support somebody with the great concept you know and we’re going to be willing to finance this person are putting in the school this president put her to school they would finance the projects that this person is doing why one two three four five you know a modern astrologer would really benefit no I know anyway they do use it a little bit but it is it isn’t like the hallmark so out of the circumstance you see the sign to always chase the planet so here we have different circumstances and this is where you start learning how to balance what’s going on this is a rush this could you just write that on the board that Stein because it’s important here chases and then I get to see it visually that’s interesting placement okay so in that’s how absolutely so you can understand that when we’re looking at an astrology chart what we’re trying to what we’re trying to reason with ourselves within ourself now when you take the abbc concept I used to be as B as a seat but it stops right here the buck stops yeah yeah but this guy gets the benefit oh girl they get the benefit because just what they’re willing to share this is all for you know it’s a masculine sign not so much to share this right because it’s a feminine sign it takes it holds it yes and that’s regardless of the other person’s chart this is just using this relation this chart yeah yeah yeah other person’s charts you put them side by side you write this person is a spectrum this one and vice versa to see what how the trans work this is how I feel every happiness and who you attract in your life yeah why are you trying to attract the like yeah okay we have any questions on this okay now what are we gonna do today is we’re going to take this one step we’re gonna unfold it one more step in a silly little chart that everybody knows and loves this is what astrology is this is its layout that’s astrology that’s the layout that’s the thing drumming we cast a chart to find out what’s happening here that’s why we cast each other nothing else matters now remember we said whatever the rising sign is the state’s Pisces wherever the rising sign is that gives you a background sense about the person this is sensitive caring somewhat reticent personality unless I alter it by putting Jupiter in Aries now you see that this person is no longer outwardly a Pisces but most outwardly in Aries because the rising sign is in that sign it’s in Aries so you get an Aries personification of this reticent little person in the background that’s really true I’m a girlfriend yes I know that please so out of the circumstances this is how you’re looking at the chart if you see somebody who has Jupiter not in Aries but let’s say the Jupiter is over here and Jupiter is in over here in Gemini okay you’ll find that this Jupiter over here in Gemini this person is a Gemini even though this background Pisces is who they personified in the sign they you you actually see the Gemini and you’ll see this Gemini in so many ways because they tell you all the wrong information they can because of the fourth house is what illumines us and so you get all kinds of stuff coming your way and eventually in life what you try to do sort it up because it probably the father was I know it all that didn’t do anything but didn’t mind sharing that and so you walk away from your house at 18 thinking I can whip the world until the first step you make you everything you learned was not quite the way it is explained earlier and sorry this becomes a detrimental Jupiter what does that do for this person it puts them absolutely that’s the world’s what yeah David elephant footstool so that the knowledge that they receive good wisdom from home don’t know what they observed and learn wisdom Jupiter at home they received at the fourth house was not worth nope not not helpful not at all so now that they try to take a jeweler express it through that wonderful sign of Sagittarius up here by throw it out they’re gonna have to find another way to make a profession something else they’ll have to do because this ain’t gonna cut it it won’t happen so this detriment it is detriment that means that that means detriment so that means it’s detrimental to the person’s life the hardest thing you’ll do is when somebody calls you up and wants about they’re going to get a job and all the planets are in detriment and the first and tenth aren’t getting together soon answers no sorry first it was wish I could say something for you that’s in the horrible yeah but a lot of times you’ll see a chart in the natal turn for the natal chart sometimes will reveal quite a bit just tells me this person needs what an awful lot be locking therapy but understanding they have to now follow their Mars to try to figure out how to broaden their knowledge in life because this ain’t gonna cut it so wherever Mars would be based from the ninth house would tell you what that pursuit would be now you can possibly say something to that individual and give them good direction especially if this was in the first house because now you see that that knowledge comes to them and because it’s so hungry for knowledge this penetrates that surface crap the turns believes not into what you might think they should be put into actual others and II so belief that is thrown out as a false premise and understanding takes its place wisdom now becomes true wisdom but it’s Martian wisdom how to penetrate into the problem so now you’ll meet people that would absolutely psychologists come to mind really fast but anybody does good research they’ll teach how this person ought to do research so this is needle so are the circumstances were looking at a chart that says this is what you would look at how this is graphed now asks us what does it all mean what is the charge what is the battery charge of this Mars well if it’s in the sign of Aries and we look at Mars and Aries we see that it’s going to be in the triplicity of that planet to see if I mean isn’t a knight triplicity anything right here Mars I sentence right Mars is in Pisces we’re gonna see this it’s up here and the day/night complicity of the planet so it has some friendliness as some feminists so there’s some power this person’s not going to get a great deal out of life because this stops it but that helps it so it bounces it out to some power if the planet happens to be 27 degrees well mom it’s going to be in its own little place if you have in its own term which picks it up a little further so now we’re going to elevate that Mars a little bit more still it’s not going to be fantastic but it will be elevated to some degree but let’s say that that Mars is going to reside in the second house from the sign of Aries do you see some success here if the person can hang on to their money because every sister it up there’s always more so now this knowledge here is in the second house this person would probably come very adept at becoming wealthy in their life because why Mars is in its own sign it is extremely powerful and very very favorable so the power here really shows itself marvelously and in its own terms and it’s in its own term so you can have all kinds of things you don’t know this Martin if it’s a limb or its own term its own sign its own triplicity its ownership you build that baby up so now interpreting it say Mars rules the second house and it’s closest to that so it’s going to keep its own money but it has something to do with the education – or the understanding so it’s going to use the education to get more of build more resources where it didn’t get the resources from home so to speak so it’s going to have to get its own through a re-education keeping its own money because that’s what is it but I don’t know if it will keep it this mirror would need to show they should that’s a propensity to do so but that in the second house was a propensity to spend because well wherever that does more where that came from and I’ll tell you you always want to date people to leave in the second house the homies about you your dinners or whatever let me take care of that but this is where how this would work because that changes it now let’s watch how this time folding for me yes take a break good question there on that you said that is it Mars that likes to spend the money the second house offensive oh yeah Mars get rid of it anywhere you find Mars you’re gonna lose something that is because it’s gonna take it we did it a horror a chart during the week where Mars is in Virgo in the fourth house will the person keep their property chances are not because Mars gets rid of stuff and it’s in the fourth house gets rid of stuff so the circumstances you’re looking at that situation here where the male remember male goes out female comes in so it’s a male sign to male planet and even though it’s augmented by a female sign it’s still active here a planet is more active in the house it resides than the place it rules a planet will always have more power in the house it resigns then the sign it rules because that’s where the activity is taking place so all of this is the education the education is being transferred and transformed into money so it’s happening is still connect but the accent is on Mars second so the planet will always be more powerful than the house it resides then the sign it rules sign sign house I’m sorry that’s another no I wondered about that it’s another law Arthur’s the sign sign chases the planet planet always has more power that is where the expressions where the expression more action more power in the house in the house that are where it’s located than in the house that it rules that’s an Arthur rule no that’s that’s Lily Marin and all the rest of them no this is how that what did you say about Leo on a Sunday is it Leo on the second house cuffs if somebody had Leo on the second house go oh that’s it they’ll probably pay your way you generate I’d like to be generous make sure the generosity big car big money oh I actually lost a client because I paid for lunch once who had Leo in the second house oh yeah well you don’t need me if you can pay for lunch that’s exactly what you said they wanted to pay and I’m going to tell you something anybody offers you don’t say no take it and say thank you yeah people are giving her a gift because well they want to give it here they want to give you a thank you I never argued somebody at the table look if I offer to pay the check and say no let me you got no let me sounds good to me I offered no let me do it let let it go it’s course go the flow is there anything that would take away from that though take away from that from the fact that Leo is on that second house cusp but could never be aspect sure that we do a lot of it that couldn’t make it less yeah yeah they could be broke so let’s say the sound was conjunctive son here in the second let’s say that you had two squares some squares of the Sun where money has to be doled out on an area where you need to watch it there’s always a mitigating factor yeah and that only comes through when you do the chart peace pipe I mean that’s how you do it the whole chart will never be read it will never be read the whole truck will never be read on anyone’s circumstances because if you’re looking at one house the whole chart unless every planet aspects the ruler they canvass it can’t be done so that’s the only way this works so that’s why we never do the whole gambit of the final dispositive tour and find out oh wow it all interconnects well it can but it doesn’t and they do the final dispositive is doing you your client a great disservice if you’ve only need to go past a BBC I mean the ruler of anything any side any side when I take the sign when I take the area of let’s say somebody brought up Taurus Taurus ruling the second house if charge says rule of Venus is in the seventh house and its own sign we don’t go anywhere because now if I take a is the sign and B is the ruler that is Lord okay then we have to find out how B is related to the sign that it’s in so I need to know for Avery where B is the Lord of that sign – the next sign that’s located some if Taurus is ruling the second house and we find that Venus is up here in Aries of Aquarius okay well Taurus is to Venus as Venus is to Saturn because if we looked at this we say the sign a is – the sign it rules B and the sign it roles be is equal to the rule of whoever’s at domicile which in this case would be Saturn I need to know the condition of Saturn in order to understand the condition of Venus and the second house that’s all I need to know I need not go any further or also be totally absolutely completely confusing so all I need to do is that a BB C in other words Taurus is – its ruler Venus Taurus is – Venus as Venus’s – its sign ruler and if Saturn isn’t let’s say that let’s say that Simon is the site of Saturn is in Libra okay how good is Venus nice really nice first of all is a nice mutual sent reception second of all I’ve got an exaltation of Saturn how was the money situation for this person good very good isn’t it they think it’d just be better though well yeah I wish it was bad you know he or she could go out get another job there’s always move lady doesn’t have to be here with me all the time I got friends and then if we did the second rule or you know second Arthur’s rule is the one where that where the planet the house that the planet is X has more power than the sign that it the house where the sign that rule so Jay goes to Libra which would be I guess the eighth house so it would still have some power over there but not as much as in the tenth house this is the eleventh house I mean the 11th charge has the sign of Taurus is not as powerful as a scientist yes although this is very important here because this person want some money they’re gonna get out of that organisation they would not work for that organization for free they want some kind compensation we need some kind of compensation say what that could be a sugar daddy why don’t you be one of those friends that will take care of the bill take care of take care of take care the moon might offer some more than that but you can see that a – B – B – C tells us a little bit more about what it is we’re looking for a planet anything beyond that starts going crazy now I want to look at something else or something else and what about you never read the entire chart you read the house you’re interested in the planet though which is ruled and who is in control of that house by domicile ruler end of it all you do you go beyond this you confuse yourself because now you don’t know who is more powerful unless you do the terms and you see house how the battery is charged and the battery of course being houses accepts us okay this is the dictionary this is astrology this is the map by which you would interpret this to make that work that’s what you do so the whole circumstance that is to take this and make it happen for you now any questions on this so far I have I have one question are there up when you were saying just a BBC should we not go to most of the planets have two houses that they rule should we not go to those two houses when we’re doing the a BBC or would that be going to see where it’s at it’s acting the relationship so that’s just it just do that and not worry about the house position this is an algebraic formula a is 2 B as B is to C yeah the water is as hot as hot is to the amount of flame that you put under the day is as warm as the sun is shining today in other words this all you’re doing is breaking it down to a very simple situation so if the sign again is Taurus the sign just to Venus is ruler you always have to do that Aries is to Mars Taurus Davina’s Gemini to mercury they always go is to so a is to be Taurus is to Venus as Venus is in this case to Aquarius religion is a ruled by Saturn that is the end of the equation however conditioned the Saturn is that condition of Venus and the sign is equally there the condition of Saturn will tell us the condition in this case the condition of Saturn will tell us a case of Venus and how strong it is and how strong the sign is itself because this is a final this is your final dispositor off of these this is the answer by which is seeking the rest of the rest of the conversation with this is your now each sentence is a cosmos in itself well here it is there’s your cosmic sentence so if I know that settles in Aquarius it rules the court and it happens to be in the sign of Libra well I’ve gotten out a nice exaltation so now I understand that this just Venus is very well taken care of by Saturn somehow I know that so the ninth and tenth house are gonna be very powerful with that situation of the 10th and 11th of hundred holes in the chart the chart is simply the map that tells you where what is a house sign and placement of the pieman you then go here to figure out who’s got the most power in the chart to run with that alright just make sense waiter so it’s like the batteries in Reverse this is your batteries this is exactly that’s your battery in reserve this is the best part of the battery right here and this is this is okay exaltation czar nice that’s okay and this is what’s gonna happen and then the face of course the sort of a weaker battering detriments no power at all false power that you’ll use and reserve as necessary can we put a battery teacher one of those things yes you can but that’s a brand new game oh but yes the answer to that question is yes you could do it by having a very bad planet in mutual reception with a very good planet we can draw a bad planet can’t do much but the good planet can lend support but the bad pilot is still out of the picture but it does lend support so you can get something out of this if there’s a trying and aspect sextile of a mutual reception anything might pull that up that is not going to give it much more of a boost it’s just going to be some kind of a booster so that’s how that works out okay now here’s an interesting dilemma let’s say that this person has to let’s say how’s the moon of Neptune or the sign of Gemini okay but let’s say I read mercury down here in the sign of Sagittarius what does that tell you battery car can’t do much Kennedy now let’s see that opposition taking place scary enough mister me so I see this is somebody’s child I’m gonna have to give him some good counseling why don’t we remember that this is the house of zero age their age is this what should we do seven fourteen to fifteen fifteen to twenty two there’s an incident twenty two to twenty nine thirty thirty sorry 30 over here so this is 29 to 30 give it a this becomes 37 38 and this becomes about 40 84 to about 48 that’s about it as I move on down then this house keep adding sevens over 55 or going over here that maybe 62 and over here the seven boards 69 over here some more age I’ve got some of that but lately 70 what’s of the 86 over here was a terrible gas station okay 22 you can almost guarantee that this person caught something that was Neptunian in nature why because the ruler of Gemini is very weak suggestion that this conjunction would give that person an illness of some form even if it’s on the M sitting up there if it’s anywhere I’m just having to put it this way you have to extrapolate this is a very weak Gemini ruler it’s in exile it cannot help it’s like having a friend in Los Angeles without a car and having to come get you all right they’re not coming that’s what this is so here this person contracts a Neptune whatever the next term could be and in that contraction of that Neptune it will exacerbate as they get older and by the time they’re 44 to 48 this becomes this becomes a mentally it becomes a square so that’s square around this age really starts developing for this person this is a probably going on when they get down to this age it’s really developed because now the moon hasn’t moved into opposition by progression by age progression this is on the sunset chart we do so by that age progression solar arc if you will by that age progression we see that when that gets to this point this age that opposition tells us that this person I have a very hard time of it at the end of their life because this illness is going to catch up with it could be a number of things especially if the lungs and the upper chest all kinds of things could be a problem with that because that Neptune really just deteriorates things just pulls it down it’s like water beating up against a rock it eventually wears a rock but it doesn’t so this problem as it reaches to this state to become a very serious problem remember this is a old age people who long with a lot of planets are fortunate they got a good agent things going on for them now other people will usually have a lot of stuff in this quadrant well this is a big age that quite and that’s their big age this quadrant Wow a lot of stuff as a kid child actor everybody loved child actor where is he now move to something be productive where the where the emphasis of the courtroom is if this is a higher productivity yes just like John Wayne’s horse John Wayne became a started state of star gonna have to his horse yeah yeah what is that yeah I could hear John Wayne doesn’t invest the horse on the phone tell him I’m not here usually an idea by how to look at the age of workers does this detriment really bad news it’s already bad news but if we can place this detriment and even worse news and it was in the sign of sad we combined it aside and we look for where mercury is in the detriment where it’s worse detriment be it could be in this position at anywhere from 19 to 25 degrees would be Saturn pulling it back down some more and really giving us some aches and pains out of that circumstance so when you look at that Saturn guy down here if this happens to be in that state we’ve got 19 let’s say that mercury is 27 degrees and it’s with the term of Saturn that term of Saturn are going to tell you this is extremely chronic because the term Mount steps forth and there’s chronic to the degree of a BBC to Saturn what is a condition of Saturn what was the condition of seven could be anywhere but that tells us a story what we’re looking for if I had this as a client and I saw the circumstance and we were saying this area right here I would say listen hmm there’s an illness you’re probably contracted it sometime oh yeah as in the service and I’ve got malaria well I’ve got news for you to stay on it get every possible doctor you know to help you with malaria learn all about malaria how do you prevent it from progressing what can you do about it tell you warn them this does not have to be the case because you got an early enough you might be able to change it and there’s a base event over it this happens to be a friend of mine who got AIDS rolling around tiny got a little bit older it really started showing yourself and you all know with that Neptune of a Whitney squaring Venus here Venus was there a thousand times a day six thousand I’m fully eight is your friend alive now so anyway this talisman techniques to them no no not at all kind of exacerbated okay now when we see a planet working through this here is the most fun you can possibly have to the chart planets go through Suns they’re not and as Pat us go through signs we recognize that they’re going to be doing something for us I wonder what well as they go through the turn of the sign they will give us some inkling as to what we can expect because the term will give us a little bitty nudge in the bottom of the chart as to what we’re looking for the other thing is btw as they say over the Internet does not the house continually to change degrees yes do not the house continued change degrees through the term oh yes it does so if you were born with zero degrees and Aries rising the first six years of your life is all Jupiter wonderful Jupiter is nice and happy friendly especially she was born at 9:00 tonight actor Felicity and they got a good Jupiter in the chart that has some power to it then that trip listen you’re going to tell something now when they get six point one that’s sixth birthday something happens when it goes into Venus now we go from Jupiter great to Venus good no that’s great just good don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater but I think so the father may leave stop supporting the family but the answer uncle’s come inside on a real healthy take the person in and now the person is living in another house nice house nice neighborhood plenty of food plenty of clothes school everything’s really nice back so between 6 and 14 years of age that planet is shifting through that sign is going through is telling you what to expect by the term now if the term of Venus is really bad just goes from shifting from really nice to really bad some people have this in their experience their father leaves at 6 and mom has to go to work so the kids farmed up and now what about that Venus if the Venus is sort of like it’s fall it’s going to be in its fall that’s gonna have that negative connotation to it from 14 to 21 thank God the person turns 21 it becomes mercury let’s hope that mercury has a little bit more dignity so the dignity of mercury now puts it together for that person they probably in school things are a lot better probably went to college at 18 the sort of guy high school to get the hell out of that Venus circumstance so they get going out of here they find it over here now it goes on through to the next room so at 26 degrees the person graduates this is hypothetical but person graduates are we not in its own side then graduate with some honors wouldn’t they because of Mars is at its own science its own term so we get a double up it so they graduate with their honours and things are good but you know that’s a life that good work somebody the satyr part so hopefully Saturn will be good as it progresses and it leaves a sound gets when it goes down the torus and regressive screen sign at 30 or so goes on huh charge now we’ve got Venus to look at and now the person goes through that for the next 30 years and then we’re going to just by the time is 90 those are here and it goes from here it’s probably at that point they go out and we said this person maybe 75 we thought this will tell you where to look for where the changes are going to be and they’ll be there is it sort of like the joy then you have the planets you know I mean the houses you have the planets Saturn Joey so it sort of gets like that filter yeah they’ve got three filters now you get Saturn in the first houses is joy for struggle all right all right but then you have the sign which tells you how seldom is going to be worked on in this case Aries are gonna try to pound it true it’s got a good start Jupiter’s got a very nice start yeah but Saturn comes in and when it goes to Venus there’s a dip this is Jupiter Wow huge Venus not as well yeah remember Jukka Santa Claus Venus of the elves isn’t Saturn no at seven years old there’s the first squirt of Saturn right so we’re gonna have some emphasis so just before six to seven yeah so that’s that Venus could be like oh it could be an auto sign yeah that’s the first time squirt gives you something look at this is how to stack up the medians so you start getting a clear sentence and astrological premise when you did a chart that has a lot of negative planets that’s a negative experience well well this is a specific question I need a whole chart to there however to answer this question to some degree perhaps that if we’re using Aries again just to keep the model straight perhaps you were born when you were a few degrees closer to Jupiter in that direction so you’re not zero that’s let’s say you were four degrees one of the four degrees Aries well it two degrees later you see it shifts from two just got two degrees left in this term you’re now into Venus and the Venus rule his eighth house that could have been the past it’s very possible hypothetical but that’s how you want to see that so the later degree is the quicker and the closer is to the next term that is going to be working with and this stuff’s comes out of ditches balance I guess you all remember him all those wonderful things so Vettius balance is stuff this is this is another way to add to add to the condition of what you’re looking at to see how strong and how good absolutely because you need to remember that remember that this is how you’re determine this is how you’re determining what is going on in the chart so let’s take something all right Gemini rising put the dream 15 1 5 yeah okay so let’s say we have 15 degrees of Gemini rising just that alone we go over here to Jen right there look at 15 we see this between just after Jupiter put it into Venus so we know that this 15 degrees has a some influence of Venus by its turn using 15 degrees Gemini and I’m just Tanya if we look at this chart 15 degrees Gemini well I see this between Jupiter and Venus – so this tops of Jupiter at 14 okay so now it knows that serve answer this has a Venus influence now where would you say that the ruler of that is okay let’s put in the 12th house what sign okay sits in its own sign it’s in the 12th and 4 degrees 8 8 degrees so again we’re just now looking at what’s going on with just now leaving that mercury point and we’re going into the Jupiter so this has a jus Batarian influence as far as the terms go turn we’re looking at the term in Gemini at 15 and now we went to the rule this is that this is the ascendant as the ascendant has a Venus quality by tournament yeah yeah I got that how did you get this the ruler of Gemini there’s eight degrees just past seven so we’re into the Jupiter aspect of this term so that gives us that what oh where is Jupiter well give me a sign yeah okay so Jupiter here is in Leo what degree is this a day charter a night jerk tonight shark so this is a nice chart we now have Jupiter and it’s sect night that night sect is telling us that it’s a trip to city circus front being friendly doesn’t make it huggie poo it just means there’s a sense of tolerance there’s a sense of everything’s okay it might work out it has that sense the fact that Jupiter’s in leo is not a bad place work because Giulio has a position but at 22 degrees when we look at the vo or over here the 22 if you see that it’s under the term of Jupiter we bump it up a great dumping so this is a little bit more favorable I can give it a plus because that little bit more favourable says that she’ll at least be supported by the father at least be recognized to some degree because although betters seen and not heard it comes to mind again the rulers in the 12c know well that’s what I was saying because that’s what that’s going so this person has a little bit more influence but you can see how that influence is extended over here to this mercury by that River see the connection now we’re just connected that pretty good and we got a second son in the perfect suc teens that it’s these pencils somebody likes my knuckle it won’t SCCT suck beans day or night oh oh then in this case it’s a night so we’re gonna I’m just I’m just here right now we’ve got in the Sun but I’m pretty sure the sun’s gonna be close to the first house where’s the Sun Oh Gemini so now the Sun it’s in Gemini what degree 25 so 25 degrees we would go over here and we looked at there’s a 25 plus minutes okay so it’s not any longer in Saturn it’s moved out of there now in the Mars term so we move a distillation so now we say we have to look at the Mars term we don’t know where Mars is yet but just by terms we now noted that as a strong influence by areas in the 11th house you’re on your own go get friends that help you cook it something else to help you you figure it out you do the move you do the move that Mars you tell your wife take action so here we have not taken this situation and applying it by term but if we look at Gemini we notice that there’s no Sun in this area except by face and it’s the last degrees of 30 so she’s here by face so the fact that we got some face here is giving us a least a little bit more energy not a lot so this starts all over has such a powerful energies energized shark by Gemini rising we subdue it quite a bit with that with that mercury in the back and plus the fact that the father helped to do that now we can look at the Sun and now it’s in the first house so you see the relationship is there but the relationship would be cool would not be an embracing relationship so here you looking at the terms would you see just to carry that because the ruler of the Sun gentlemen is in the 12th so it would be not openly caring no would that be that could be part of it part of it but that she knows that she was cared for this would be yeah I mean the sun’s out runs on an angle so is Jupiter it’s on the end so this becomes a very planet right and so these two guys start talking on but look at how the Sun reacts by being in Gemini to that Jupiter if I look at Gemini how the Jupiter’s correspond to that it’s a detriment so there’s other things that we start examining say wait a minute she’s not taking that to cool this would receive in depth so we’re going to get a different psychological viewpoint than just the old thing that would be fabulous if you could about how that this leo is being received by the Sun wait yes oh this is where I get confused the Sun is the ruler of Leo so it’s being the Sun comes to Leo the sign and chases the planet chases good science Leo looks over here at the Sun in Gemini alright that’s fine that’s the fact that this is in that sign takes more precedent than the Sun does and we just said that Jupiter here really is a Jupiter Leo thing okay and Jim learn is not well received by Gemini yeah Gemini sees it as detrimental somehow gone too long not close enough with dads a truck driver where the dad’s in the service work Dalia always a little bit removed so that would be not well received something would ever be said about that but wouldn’t be said because well can’t make that communication I’m gonna hug I can’t say that Gemini it’s all surface it sees the services it’s hard to get below the surface of Jamaican Jerk Jim is is like walking in moonlight you all you need to know is where the shapes are in the shadows Oh see you don’t trip virgos on the other hand don’t examine everything they look under the rock but it’s during the day thanks that’s why it’s a scientific side I see so out of the circumstance we get some sense by how we look at it at this chart and we look at this section feel for it and this mercury is very well placed to us on sign so there is a sense of self value and the fact that that wonderful Jupiter here that also says something about how I can get to my end of life which is nice because look at that yeah now we’re gonna plan a sure there’s a nice end of life it’s triplicities yeah yeah it’s friendly it’s wrong it’s readily it doesn’t grab your hair and suck on the side of the face with a big kiss I don’t know kind of I’m back friendly that’s what I mean so get all this wonderful stuff going on here at the close of life because you don’t take it literally by that being age 69 that’s when you know I do know it okay so yeah the age of the chart will always be 0 22 for not so and so about seven years three months or so but that doesn’t mean she knows that she’s going to maybe pass away said it probably won’t well I mean I don’t ya know but I meant can you take it later I don’t mean yes I can take it look at it now unless I get an eighth house transit that’s really hard strong big heavy and I got a Saturn Jupiter involved with that say good night especially a visitor at the first house so any transit that’s gonna go over the first house by the a thousand ruler they’re going to say quite a bit what’s going on in this case would be saddened say where’s yourself okay she sounds in the first who controls what 29 Gemini so it’s sitting right here with the with Mars taking anything kicking in with it so just have asked us to taking another look at Mars to see if Mars and Saturn will do something to mercury so her signature for leaving out here there gonna be some Mars and Saturn playing with that circumstance that’s what you know so that’s what you would look for to see how long she lives apparently she just get more control them then it has so all that stellium in the first house cos are a great amount of control there are problems with that control system their preferred one likable telogen client nobody knows that by the way she acts here but I mean when we listen to the tapes when you talk all you hear is a murmur they can’t quite distinctly hear that’s good dissing who you want this is how you see it and this is how you start taking these and stacking them up pulling them up before everybody can see what’s going on and how this works so everywhere it’s Saturn is you know you want to watch what’s going on and see how it’s gonna help where it’s going to take us what you’re doing in here and how it relates the same thing now you’ll notice that each year by solar art progression that’ll go 15 16 17 it’s 21 she’s six years old any clicking at 16 for you when you’re sorry will use 6 6 6 year that was a Venus change because you went into sign of Venus of 60 the incense was so beautiful I remember a lot about that beautiful yeah you know that clean but in them so this wonderful Venus experience happened about the time you started going to school so you can talk to your clients and pull stuff up right these little things down because later in your in your dossier when Venus is making the trying summer try or any kind of thing that Venus is doing for her that’s the first thing I want to know Wow that first experience with Venus was really neat oh she had a great great time with that so it’s always gonna reflect everything is in a cycle and everything everything turn turn turn very it’s 21 degrees here yeah but she is that 15 so 15 or 20 one is six you’re very welcome I need something to keep me straight that was a good jump of it so this is how you can pretty much tell and forecast your progressions where is the chart and what degree are we reflecting off of the terms and then are we looking at the terms and an opening up rulership triplicity ship exaltation ship fall or detriment that opens up a whole vista this is astrology this is the map this is our direction when I’m in an airplane and I’m flying over something and then casting our plot for navigation that’s the chart that we use no this is this is why I got in the service what I got because I already knew this they started to do a chart their info that’s a time check navigation yeah that’s a time chart for navigation not a plot chart against the ground but a time chart for you navigation that she was plants are moving and as they move and I’m moving I want to see what’s happening to my horizon and as I’m moving towards it it’s constantly moving too and I know exactly by sign we’re going in this case it’s si any sine and cosine that’s primary progressive nobody does its cuz they’re two hearts we used secondary and is just as good primary much more accurate the secondary this is good you need to know how to use sine cosine so you use sine and cosine here if I I’m here while I’m flying this is my view and in airplane this is my view of the horizon looking out over the over the view and as we’re flying this way that’s shifting it’s changing all the time backwards so as I’m moving forward I can see it remember when you look at the vertex same thing together they’ve up and down I don’t want you to just side by side east and west the horizon however the vertex right there in the empty vertex that’s dissipate north this up longitude east and west is also wanted to this rate but then what’s the south is your latitude or declination why’d you do direction the vertex is directing reaction so I need to know can you read the books all day long that’s Cynthia and wherever the vertex is and this well it could be any of these like the nine eight seven six fifths house rarely into the court but they’re the vertex will argue in the western side right the anti vertex will be on your site they will project somewhere here is it the opposition it is it’s perfectly opposite good side as I’m gonna say that but I want yes it’s the opposition of its point so wherever the vortex is you find a vertex giving us an activity and if the vertex is in the seventh house well this reaction is going to be over here in the first house so this is why you wanted to know the vertex in your chart is how are you use and manipulate that so when things come your way is in this vertex you can handle it here’s an interesting point Whitney Houston had Mars transiting her vertex when she passed away and the growth is in the seventh house the first five signatures that show Whitney do some special they’re finding when you guys have the chart you might look for discover what make that vertex is a world changing event for you wherever it is it will absolutely change your life if there’s a hit on it any kind of hint that goes on through transits are simply that they’re a transit but if you get like an eclipse or a conjunction or something going on on average actually your life is about to change big big and in occur case that even just a simple transit but other signatures it’s supported that Mars vertex there wasn’t any Martian energy that took her out but the vertex Mars and the vertex shows an inactive energy so she went in that direction so under these circumstances or we always want to take a look how the terms are going to relate to us in the chart this is it’s about you through thing down so under the circumstance then you start to get a feel for how we’re looking at this chart through the eyes of this graph and everything was going to have this place when you get to detriment don’t even bother because the planet isn’t worth anything it actually can’t even receive help because it’s in detriment so if you’re trying to you’re trying to screw in a dead light bulb it’s not gonna light I don’t get how much power you generate to it it’s burnout

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