Palm reading
Palm reading

Palm reading is the art of predicting the future from the palm of the hand. Palm reading, also known as palmistry or chiromancy, is an ancient practice that involves analyzing the lines, shapes, and other features of a person’s hand to gain insight into their personality, character traits, and potential future events. Palm reading is 98% accurate. Some lines are fixed throughout life, and some change depending on the movement of the stars in the sky.

Palmists typically examine various aspects of the hand, including the shape and size of the palm, the length and position of the fingers, and the patterns of lines on the palm. Here are some common features that palm readers often consider:

  1. Palm shape: The palm is typically classified as one of four shapes: earth, air, fire, or water. Each shape is believed to correspond to different personality traits and characteristics.
  2. Finger length: The length of the fingers, particularly the index finger and ring finger, is thought to indicate various personality traits. For example, a longer index finger compared to the ring finger is associated with assertiveness and leadership qualities.
  3. Lines on the palm: Palm readers examine the major lines on the palm, including the life line, head line, heart line, and fate line. These lines are believed to reveal information about a person’s health, intellect, emotions, and destiny.
  4. Mounts: The fleshy areas on the palm beneath each finger are known as mounts. Different mounts are associated with different qualities, such as creativity, intuition, logic, and ambition.

It’s important to note that palm reading is subjective, and interpretations can vary widely among practitioners. The practice is often considered a form of entertainment or a way for individuals to explore self-reflection. While some people find it intriguing, it’s crucial to approach palm reading with a critical mindset and not rely on it as a reliable means of predicting the future or making important life decisions.



My nickname is Eon. I am a professional PALM READER.
It is said that everyone’s destiny is written in the akasha, the astral light. That energy wrote your destiny in the palm of your hand. Palmistry is a very safe way of predicting the future. From the palm of your hand, you can find out almost everything about love, marriage, health, work, finances, whether you will get rich, what your luck is, whether you are in any danger, travel, length of life, etc.

You can order a palm reading from me.

The procedure is very simple. First, write to me on Email, Messenger or Whats App. Send me pictures of both palms and I will send you PayPal information for payment. If you do not have PayPal, we will choose another payment method. My name on Messenger is Nenad Zimjanski.

To prevent address harvesting, the “@” symbol in the email addresses below have been replaced with [at]. If you wish to contact me, simply copy the appropriate address into your email client and replace [at] with @.

Order at: sothis619[at]

Price of Palm Reading: €28

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