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Paul Foster Case: His Life and Works Kindle Edition

PFCase His Life and Work


As an Adept of the Western Mystery Tradition, PAUL FOSTER CASE’S life is a truly a tale of magical moments and profound insights. This mystical author and teacher is acknowledged as the world authority on the mysterious set of symbols known as the Tarot. In his lifetime he also wrote volumes of texts on the arcane subjects of ALCHEMY, MAGIC, ROSICRUCIANISM, and THE QABALAH. Today these works are still eagerly sought by students of Hermeticism.


Kindle Edition: £ 5.33


Wizard of Oz : Graphic Novels Kindle Edition

Wizard of OZ
Wizard of OZ

Classic stories and fairy tales go hand in hand with a child’s growing up years. However, in this age of comic books, the classics are gradually finding less and less takers. Keeping this in mind we have selected 24 such all time favourite classics and translated them into graphic format. While remaining faithful to the original plot, these stories contain neat, pithy text and vivid, colourful graphics that make reading a pleasure.Children as well as adolescents will find this series to be a fascinating read, and it can help your child to make the ascension from cartoons to the classics.



The Little Prince – Kindle Edition

The Little Prince

The wind itself provides all the energy the Eolians need for warming their planet, which is ever in danger of being covered by ice. But each day the winds they rely on grow weaker—stolen by pirates, and no one knows how. Can the Little Prince and Fox discover the real root of the problem and save a whole planet from disappearing into darkness?



Adventures in Wonderland – Kindle Edition

Adventures in Wonderland

Fantasy fiction at its very best. Loved by children and adults alike. A must read for all.

This is a full-length, quality digitized book.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, is packaged with an easy to use functional book reader which means you can down load the App and start reading.
This is a full length ebook version of this title.


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