It has been said that dreams are the windows to the soul — and now those windows can be opened wide! The book you hold in your hands is a concise compendium of prescriptive information, an easy-to-use reference guide to the meanings and import of the remarkable visions that visit us while we sleep. Here in one volume are the essential keys to unlocking the mysteries of the subconscious — and to putting the power of dreams at your fingertips! The meaning behind more than 800 dream symbols The history of dream interpretation Lucid, repetitive, and sequential dreams Sleep patterns and the workings of the unconscious mind How to keep a “dream diary”


Jonathan Sharp

Your Dreams Can Show You the Way

We all know that our dreams mean something, but do you realize that your dreams can actually help you? In the Kabbalistic tradition, dreams are prized as the key that unlocks the spiritual door leading to a path of greater wisdom. In this rich and unique guide you will learn how simple and practical steps can help you use the messages in your dreams to unleash healing, creativity, and personal fulfillment.


For the Kabbalists, dreams are meant to be taken seriously. “A dream uninterpreted is like a letter unopened.”

We can connect every dream to one of the 32 life situations that Kabbalists have identified 32 pathways.
Kabbalistic experts Jonathan Sharp and Dr. Edward Hoffman clearly explain how the Kabbalah works, along with its varied, mysterious, and fascinating components. These include the Tree of Life, the Tarot deck, the hundred most important symbols from Zohar (the ancient text on which the Kabbalah is based), and the numerology of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Following is a comprehensive list of more than eight hundred and fifty dream images with interpretations, evaluations, and unique prescriptions to help bring energy and inspiration to your spiritual journey. Each dream entry includes:

Meaning: An overview of the image’s significance as well as a numerological evaluation and interpretation
Tree of Life: What the dream tells the dreamer about where she is on her life path, specifically in terms of spiritual development and emotional relationships

The Journey: Practical advice on what steps to take so that you can use your dream to take you where you want to go — solve problems, explore possibilities, find the inspiration to live more deeply, and much more
Rich, comprehensive, and full of beauty and mystery, Divining Your Dreams will be a bedside companion for years to come.

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