Palm reading

Is it possible to see the past, present and future?

I personally believe it is possible. Many people who have a developed imagination can remember their childhood events and see them clearly and visually. With a little practice, it is possible to remember past lives. Experiences from past lives are only a little deeper buried in the subconscious.

All the experiences of humanity are recorded in the collective unconscious of humanity. Occult schools call it akasha records.

With a little training, many mystics can develop clairvoyance and reading akasha records.

True prophets and clairvoyants never charge for their services, for such abilities would be lost. Even the old gypsies did not charge for their divination, but said, “Give something for happiness.” It’s more like a gift, a donation.

Four fairly reliable ways to look at someone’s past, present, and future are:

A clairvoyant look into a bowl of water, a magic mirror, or a crystal ball.
Looking at the palm (palmistry)
Astrology (making someone’s natal horoscope and prediction)
Tarot reading
How clairvoyance develops is taught in serious and mystical schools, but it can also be learned from books.

The best books for clairvoyance development is:

E. Butler: How to develop Clairvoyance
W. E. Butler: How to read the aura
Palm gazing (palmistry) and astrology can be learned from books and courses.

The best books on palmistry are:

The Practice of Palmistry by Comte C. de Saint Germain


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Cheiro’s Palmistry: Book of Fate and Fortune


Buy Cheiro’s Palmistry: Book of Fate and Fortune on Amazon

The best books in astrology are:

Astrology by Marion March and Joan McEvers (Books 1-4)
The Art of Predictive Astrology by Carol Rushman
Solar Return from Raymong Merriman

The best astrological programs are:
Solar Fire