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With this program you can calculate your natal horoscope and view daily transits.

The program can give you basic information and interpretation of planets in signs, houses and aspects, but it cannot give you a synthesis. Some important interpretations of the natal horoscope and predictions cannot be given by any astrological program.


Your birth chart describes what kind of person you are, your talents, health, finances, love, marriage and many other things. Prediction tells you when these things will happen to you. What are the best periods for work, marriage, travel, etc. To create a horoscope, you need to give me your first and last name, date, time, place and country of birth and email. Write what you are particularly interested in for me to look at. If you need a professional analysis of the birth chart and prediction of future events, order a horoscope here.

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To make a  FREE HOROSCOPE, you can select the Placidus System of Houses in the advanced settings, and for the Western Horoscope you need to select the Western – Tropical Zodiac.

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