The Spiritual Way

The Spiritual Way

The Spiritual Way – How to spiritual way can help you to search for ancient wisdom and self-knowledge? If you are searching for spiritual knowledge or wisdom then you are in the right place. Ancient wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation. In the past, it was transmitted in secret, but today most of it has been published.

On this page you will undoubtedly come across the best texts and a list of the best books on spirituality.

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The face and form of Isis were covered with a veil of scarlet cloth, symbolic of ignorance and emotionalism which forever stand between man and Truth. Isis lifts her veil and discovers herself to be the true and wise investigator who unselfishly, humble, and earnestly seeks to understand the mysteries which surround him in the universe. Those to whom she reveals herself are warned to remain silent concerning the mysteries which they have seen. The great admonition of the Wise Men was: “If you known it, be silent.” To the vulgar and profane, the infidel and disinterested one, she does not uncover her face, for they could not understand the secret processes of the invisible worlds.

-Manly Palmer Hall, author and mystic, perhaps most famous for his work, the book, “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”.


Many myths and stories about Isis have been invented to cover up the secret. I hope we have transcended that childhood period of humanity. What do you think? Isis symbolizes Nature and its secrets. As the disciple progresses on the spiritual path, Isis slowly raises her veil. God has woven into Nature the cosmic laws we need to discover. You can read 7 basic cosmic laws or principles in Kybalion, but there are far more.

-Nenad Zimjanski



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